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In this issue's John Harvard's Journal:
World's Fair - The 346th Unique Occasion - Honoris Causa - A Jubilation of Alumni - Commencement Confetti - Speech Excerpts: The Man Thinking Club, A Formidable Woman, and "Empires of the Mind" - Harvard in Russia: Conflicts of Interest - Tenure and Gender - Summa Circumscripta - Changes to the Core Curriculum - Salzburg Celebration - "What Is the Competition for Homelessness?" - People in the News - A Look at Institutional Ethics - For Caleb Cheeshahteaumuck and Successors - Overdue Book Returned - Campaign Checkup - Brevia - The Undergraduate: From Lonely to Alone - Live from New York - Sports

Charles Grandy '97, left, of Dunster House and Cambridge, and Daniel Goor '97, of Eliot House and Bethesda, Maryland, delivered antiphonally the humorous Ivy Oration on Class Day. They claimed to be the instructor and TA of a new course, Foreign Cultures C97: "Life after Harvard." Grandy's father, Fred '70, of Love Boat and Congress, gave the Ivy Oration in his day.
The Reverend Peter Gomes summons seniors to church Commencement morning for a last shot at their salvation.
¡Espléndido! Harvard's Cabot professor of social ethics, Herbert C. Kelman, appears here in the costume of one who holds an honorary doctorate conferred by the faculty of political science and sociology of the Universidad Complutense de Madrid.
Mehana Blaich '97, of Leverett House and Honolulu, with her grandmother, Amelia Bailey, who made 20 leis for Mehana and her friends.
Dunster House senior tutor Suzi Naiburg, a preceptor in expository writing, marshals her troops with an exotic shofar, alternately blowing through it and flourishing it as a baton.
Standing on a chair, Mark D'Andrea '97, of Winthrop House and Reston, Virginia, makes a beatific gesture.
A muster of marshals; from the left, Radcliffe first marshal Allyson Hobbs '97, of Adams House and Morristown, New Jersey, Kevin Scott '97, of Lowell House and Cockeysville, Maryland, and class treasurer Debra Maltenfort '97, of Adams House and Scottsdale, Arizona. The idiosyncratic decoration of oneself or one's academic garb is a Commencement tradition. (The trendiest accessory this year may have been a pink Tamagotchi attached to the mortarboard of June Chen '97, of Quincy House and Pine Brook, New Jersey.)
Brindisi Chan '97, of Quincy House and San Francisco, cocaptain of the women's fencing team, is surmounted by a representation of Munch's Screamer. Fortunately, it is partially deflated, perhaps by a rapier thrust during a champagne breakfast. Life after Harvard may be bearable.

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