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Photograph by istock


School of Public Health researchers find treating 48 percent of U.S. adults with statins would make financial sense.


Cellphone-based money transfers and cardiac care in base-of-the-pyramid markets in Kenya and Mexico

September-October 2015

Asya Troychansky and researcher Henry Caba Escobar (center) interview a farmer in Guatemala
Photographs courtesy of Root Capital

Root Capital digs deep to determine whether, and how, low-income farmers benefit from access to financing.

September-October 2015

Día Día’s distinctive store design and convenient arrangement of basic goods have won loyal customers in hard-pressed Venezuela.
Photographs by Ricardo Gaztelumendi

A Harvard M.B.A. serves low-income customers in Venezuela, only to run into severe political challenges

September-October 2015

Fossil river deltas on Mars, such as this one in Eberswalde Crater, bear many similarities to river deltas on Earth. Such features suggest that Mars once had flowing liquid water on the surface, motivating study of the planet’s early climate.

Photograph by NASA/JPL/Malin Space Science Systems

Researchers suspect ancient Martian climate was cold and icy.

September-October 2015

Illustration by Mike Lester

Overly aggressive physicians account for significant healthcare cost, according to a recent study.

September-October 2015

Sheet VII of Rock’s map of the “Cho-Ni” territory
Map courtesy of the Harvard Map Collection

An adventuresome Arnold Arboretum botanizer's heroics in 1920s China

September-October 2015