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Ad Specs

Print production requirements

PDF/X-1a files are preferred, but most Macintosh-compatible formats are accepted, including QuarkXPress and InDesign files. All graphics must be sent as CMYK (.tif) or EPS (.eps) files at a resolution of 300 dpi, with all fonts included. RGB or Pantone colors cannot be accepted without prior arrangement. For color guidance on press, contract proofs that meet SWOP guidelines are required. Do not embed ICC Profiles within images. Additional unit sizes, and information about inserts and BRC cards, are available upon request. Graphic Design services are available for $60/hour (one-hour minimum charge). Contact Bob Fitta at 617-496-6631 for advertising information, or Jennifer Beaumont at 617-495-4268 with production questions.

Print specifications

  Width Depth
Trim 8 3/8” (8.375) 10 1/2” (10.5)
Live 7 1/8” (7.125) 9 1/4” (9.25)
Bleed Page 8 5/8” (8.625) 10 3/4” (10.75)
Non-bleed Page 7.525” 9.75”
2/3 Page 4 9/16” (4.563) 9 5/8” (9.625)
1/2 Horizontal 7” (7.00) 4 3/4” (4.75)
1/2 Vertical
4 9/16” (4.563)
7 1/8” (7.125)
1/3 Square
4 9/16” (4.563)
4 3/4” (4.75)
1/3 Vertical
2 3/16” (2.188)
9 5/8” (9.625)
1/6 Horizontal
4 9/16” (4.563)
2 1/4” (2.25)
1/6 Vertical
2 3/16” (2.188)
4 3/4” (4.75)

Please keep all live matter not intended to trim 1/2” from the trim edges.
Gutter Safety: Allow 3/8” on each side of the gutter, 3/4” total gutter safety.

Mechanical requirements
Trim size: 8 3/8” x 10 1/2”
Printing process: Web Offset
Binding Method: Perfect Bound

Shipping instructions

All advertisements should be sent to:

Jennifer Beaumont
Harvard Magazine
7 Ware Street
Cambridge, MA 02138
Tel: 617-495-4268

If you would like to upload your ad directly to our FTP site, please call
617-495-4268 for instructions.

On-line Specifications

Web ads: We accept all common Web ad formats, including Flash/SWF*, JPEG, GIF, PNG, and will consider all forms of Rich Media. Be sure to include your destination (click-through) URL. File size limit is 800 KB (if your file is larger than that please contact us to discuss it.) Material may be emailed to or call Jennifer Beaumont at 617-495-4268 with questions or for FTP information.

Targeted email display ads: We accept JPEG, GIF, and PNG files. We have found that RichMedia ads do not perform consistently across all email clients (Outlook, Apple Mail, Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, etc.) - so we do not accept Rich Media ads for email campaigns. Please be sure to include your destination (click-through) URL. Material may be emailed to or call Jennifer Beaumont at 617-495-4268 with questions or for FTP information.


*Flash/SWF files MUST have clickTAG code assigned for tracking. Files without clickTAG code will not work properly. For more information see: