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With her 1964 screenprint the juiciest tomato of all, Corita Kent created a word portrait of the Virgin Mary as a tomato. This print seems to establish the artist nun as an apostate: in fact, she was responding both to liberalizing changes taking place within the Catholic Church as part of the Second Vatican Council and to Pop art’s appropriation of commercial language, images, and symbols to create fine art.
Collection of Jason Simon, New York, TL41302. © Corita Art Center, Immaculate Heart Community, Los Angeles; Harvard Art Museums/Fogg Museum, Gift of John and Kimiko Powers, M15531. © / courtesy of the Harvard Art Museums/ © President and Fellows of Harvard College


A Harvard exhibit situates her work in the Pop art movement.


Peter Jackson. London Stereoscopic Company, 2 December 1889.
Courtesy of © Hulton Archive/Getty Images

Black Chronicles II, an exhibit at Harvard’s Cooper Gallery, calls for a more representative history.


Deans Mohsen Mostafavi and Francis J. Doyle III
Photograph courtesy of School of Engineering and Applied Sciences

Two Harvard faculties collaborate, aiming to solve real-world problems.


Did you take VES 130 or VES 150 during spring term 1967?

September-October 2015

Erin Moore and her bicultural guide (below)
Photograph by Fiona Saunders

Erin Moore ’98 clarifies Britishisms and Americanisms in That’s Not English.

September-October 2015

Forrest O’Connor (at left), Kate Lee, and Jim Shirey

Photograph by Wayne Ebinger

A folk trio finds their harmony, on the road.

September-October 2015

Cover of "Wonder Woman" by Cliff Chiang

One of Chiang’s covers for Wonder Woman
Image by Cliff Chiang

A comics artist tries his hand at a new story.

September-October 2015