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Graham McKay (front) with Jim Heller and Justin Kennick launching one of the shop's boats on the Merrimack River


A visit to Lowell’s Boat Shop in Amesbury, Massachusetts


Jesse Aron Green, Still from "Ärztliche Zimmergymnastik," 2008. HD video, 80 minutes. Harvard Art Museums/Fogg Museum, Louise Haskell Daly Fund, 2014.123.

A still from the 80-minute video component of Green's exhibit, "Ärztliche Zimmergymnastik" (2008)

Harvard Art Museums’ installation and film series by Jesse Aron Green ’02


Lisa Wong, an assistant professor of pediatrics and a violinist, performs with students from the Medical School and the School of Public Health. Photograph by Jay Connor

This fall, Harvard Medical School will launch a new program to promote the arts and humanities.


Widener’s reading room was once an exclusively male intellectual sanctum.

As Widener Library Celebrates its 100th anniversary, a look at its history and future


“Swing Time” is an interactive installation on Lawn on D, a park in South Boston.

Eric Höweler and Meejin Yoon design swings for all.


Candice Hoyes performs at the legendary Harlem jazz club Minton’s.

Singer Candice Hoyes reinterprets Duke Ellington songs in her new album On a Turquoise Cloud.

July-August 2015

An earthworm rendered in 3D, with transparent outer skin to show the internal structures

New technology lets researchers see differences inside museum specimens

July-August 2015

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