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Advocate editors playing to the camera circa 1900-1910

Courtesy of Harvard University Archives


The Harvard Advocate turns 150.


The National Book Foundation rolled out its list of 40 nominees (including 8 Harvard affiliates) from September 12 to 15. Last week, the National Humanities Medal also announced the honorands for its 2015 award year.

Last week, three Harvard affiliates were awarded the National Humanities Medal and eight were long-listed for the National Book Awards.


Saint Barbara, attributed to the “Ghent Associates” of the Master of Mary of Burgundy, from a book of hours-missal, c. 1485-1490

Courtesy of Houghton Library/Harvard University

A new exhibit highlights how medieval monasticism’s “cult of the book” transmitted beauty and knowledge to the modern world.


Workers flood the cranberry bog, then collect and bag the berries that float to the top. 

Photograph by Andrew W. Griffith/A.D. Maekpeace Company

Learn how New England’s iconic berries are cultivated at this annual event.

September-October 2016

Sevan’s Murat and Nuran Chavushian hold up a batch of feta.

Photograph by Stu Rosner

Ethnic markets serve up a world of food.

September-October 2016

Figureheads, like this 1970s reproduction, often adorned fire stations in the 1800s.
Photograph by Harvard Magazine/JC

Children and adults alike are drawn to this eclectic array of firefighting artifacts.

September-October 2016

The severe-looking, 10-gabled Iron Works House

Photograph courtesy of the National Park Service

The historic structure in Saugus, Massachusetts, highlights Colonial-era styles.

September-October 2016

Harold Edgerton captured the interface between art and science, as in his photograph of a bullet passing through an apple. 

Image courtesy of the Bruce Museum

The Bruce Museum highlights “Science in Motion” in Greenwich, Connecticut.

September-October 2016

The Saugus Iron Works sits on a tidal basin about a 10-minute drive off Interstate 95. 

Photograph courtesy of the National Park Service

The Saugus Iron Works highlights early U.S. industrial history

September-October 2016