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July-August 2014

Illustration by Mark Steele


The outbreak of World War I traps more than 40 faculty members and close to 30 traveling fellows in Europe and sends at least two professors with French citizenship home to fight.


President Conant prepares to move his office from University Hall, where Harvard’s presidents have worked since the building opened in 1815, to newly refurbished Massachusetts Hall.


The summer heat has brought out the “whites” of the Navy V-12 students; skivvies, jumpers, and bell-bottom trousers hang out to dry under the willows of Eliot House.


Hurricane Carol strikes with 120-mile-per-hour winds on August 31, toppling an oak and three of the oldest elms in the Yard, de-roofing the Newell Boathouse shed, and dropping a finial through the roof of Memorial Hall.

The two most popular summer-session courses are Professor Howard Mumford Jones’s “American Literature” and visiting author Frank O’Connor’s “The Nineteenth Century Novel.”


Quincy House is rushed toward completion for September occupancy.


Sixteen students have been required to leave Harvard because of their actions during the occupation of University Hall on April 9-10. Twenty others have been given a suspended requirement to withdraw while 102 more have been placed under warning.


Newsweek reports that B is the average grade in American colleges. Harvard reports that the average grade for the College as a whole is a B+.


Harvard Square landmark Out of Town News has been sold to an out-of-town owner, Hudson County News of New York.

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