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Alumni Awards

March-April 2012

The HAA Clubs and SIGs [Shared Interest Groups] Committee Awards honor individuals who provide exemplary service to a Harvard club or SIG, and recognize clubs and SIGs that have organized exceptional programming. Awards were to be presented to the following recipients at the HAA Board of Directors winter meeting on February 2.

Eugenio (Henny) G. Herbosa, M.M.Sc. ’85, of St. Louis. Herbosa has served for many years as secretary to the Harvard Club of St. Louis, rising from note-taker to organizer and promoter of club events, satisfying the needs of speakers and guests alike. He was honored as a committed and “extraordinary team player,” often taking on the jobs that no one else wants, ensuring that club life and relationships run smoothly.

Flint A. Nelson, M.P.A. ’77, of Vista, California. Now treasurer of the Harvard Club of San Diego, Nelson has held every officer position available and has been a member of the club’s board since 2005. As president, he instituted several new annual events: polo outings, Harvard-Yale telecasts, and an after-hours art-museum tour. These have routinely sold out (as has the club’s annual dinner, organized by a committee he has chaired), drawing new attendees and potential members. He has also successfully managed the club’s finances and helped institute the HAA’s new online system for clubs.

The Harvard CityStep Alumni Alliance. Founded in 1983, CityStep sends Harvard students into public schools to help promote the performing arts. This past year, CityStep graduates led a very successful workshop with 30 undergraduates in Cambridge in the fall. The SIG has also created a strong network among CityStep graduates around the country and those who run the program with the help of a new alumni graduate board.

The Harvard Club of Beijing has engaged alumni and students through a series of innovative ideas. The organization recently established a scholarship fund “to encourage and support outstanding Chinese students” admitted to Harvard and give back to the Harvard community; the first recipients, selected in 2011, will attend the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences and the School of Public Health. The club also hosts events and programs for the many undergraduates who spend time in Beijing during the summer. A new “Golden Circle” program has also been established to recognize members who give significant gifts to support club ventures, helping to sustain and expand programs.

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