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Juhwan Seo, founder of the Ethnic Studies Coalition at Harvard, received the Ames Award at the College’s Class Day Exercises last week for promoting ethnic studies within the history and literature concentration. The award is given to seniors who have shown heroic character and energy in helping others and whose substantial contributions may not have been acknowledged.

Photograph by Jim Harrison


Student activists hope to establish an ethnic-studies academic program at the College.


Hampden Hall, at 8 Plympton Street, is one of the Harvard-owned buildings in the Square sheltering Dunster House residents this year.

The Dunster House community adjusts to relocation.


Undergraduate Council vice president Sietse Goffard ’15 (at left) and president Gus Mayopoulos ’15 present the freshmen with their class banner.

Applause and advice at Harvard’s Freshman Convocation


James Watkins ’16 participates in an individual wrestling competition in Mongolia.

An undergraduate travels and works in Mongolia


During Ramadan in Tunis, an undergraduate observes, the mood is celebratory and marked by a spirit of generosity. The photograph shows the audience dancing during a late-night traditional concert held at the Roman amphitheater in Carthage, Tunis.

Experiencing the ways religious observance affects daily life in another country


Taonga Leslie ’15 with a professional dancer in Buenos Aires, generally considered the birthplace of tango

A Harvard undergraduate experiences Argentina during an economic crisis.


Mathilde Montpetit and Rob Gunzenhauser

Harvard seniors honored for improving House life

September-October 2014

Olivia Munk and Melanie Wang

The new Ledecky Fellows

September-October 2014