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Parenting, Redux

Junior Parents’ Weekend brings The Undergraduate a new perspective on the future.

Life in Detail

Of archives, libraries, personal memories, and Sylvia Plath

Buzzing In

Quiz Bowl’s quirky intellectualism and hard-driving competitiveness energize a strong Harvard team.

Youthful Dreams

The Undergraduate reflects on how good and bad dreams shape the way we grow up.

Job Notices

Programs that match Harvard College students with jobs and internships

Powerful Conversations

Ariel Phillips and Abigail Lipson head the Success-Failure Project at the Harvard Bureau of Study Counsel.

Rookie Redux

I realized that college was over when I opened up the large diploma case to show my family the product of four years’ labor and found…

Welcome, Fellows

Harvard Magazine’s Berta Greenwald Ledecky Undergraduate Fellows for the 2008-2009 academic year will be Brittney Moraski ’09 and Christian Flow ’10…

Aloian Scholars

Amanda Fields ’09, of Lowell House and Vista, California, and John Sheffield ’09, of Pforzheimer House and Fayetteville, North Carolina, are this year’s David Aloian Memorial Scholars.

Education by Office Hour

The Harvard I know today began in the most unlikely of ways: with a cup of tea, served loose-leaf in a ceramic mug, as I sat at a table littered with books and papers, impossibly squeezed between the bookshelves and free-standing chalkboard of a narrow Semitic Museum office.