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Illustration by Eric Hanson


Pre-Commencement, the Undergraduate assesses his unfinished works.


Olivia Munk and Melanie Wang

The new Ledecky Fellows

September-October 2014

Talking about her father’s coma, Meghan Cleary ’11 brought Lowell listeners to stunned silence.

“Community-building magic” through public, personal reflections

September-October 2014

Ram Venkateswaran, of the HMS class of 2017, performs in the Tosteson Medical Education Center’s atrium last spring. He and pianist Chris Lim, HMS ’16, offered a joint program: “<i>Sicilienne</i>” (Fauré); “<i>Sicilienne</i>” (von Paradis); “Spanish Dance” (Granados/Kreisler); and <i>“Widmung</i>” (Schumann/Liszt).

Harvard Medical School turns to the humanities.


Scenes of Harvard Yard on a mid-July morning

Thoughts on a summer in Cambridge


President Drew Faust addresses the 14 veterans who participated in the Warrior-Scholar Project at Harvard. The week-long pilot program, which involved democracy-themed seminars as well as reading and writing workshops, ran from July 6 to July 12.

The Warrior-Scholar Project runs its first program at Harvard.