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Photo of David Malan taking off his Harvard sweatshirt to reveal a Yale one

David Malan, revealing his Yale sweatshirt
Photograph by Ken Yanagisawa


Notes from New Haven, where the most popular course this semester hails from Harvard.


Wait-listed applicants may be out of luck.


Harvard dancers Rebecca Neumann, Rossi Walter, Nazc-a-ru Gonzalez, and Halimeda Glickman-Hoch perform "Quartet for the End of Time."

The Harvard senior displays impressive range, from his dance compositions to his extra-choreographical pursuits.


A glimpse into the graduating class of 2013; plus, Commencement apparel, new restaurants and establishments, and events listings


The Undergraduate, from Ireland, finds friendship in a local host family.

May-June 2013

Annie Ryu, Jenny Ye, and Dalumuzi Happy Mhlanga

A glimpse into the class of 2013

May-June 2013

Admissions rate edges down slightly—in Cambridge and throughout the Ivy League.