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Set to Commence

The marshals of the College class of 2008 gathered with classmates for the Baccalaureate service on Tuesday, June 3.

Cambridge Scholars

Four seniors have won Harvard Cambridge scholarships to study at Cambridge University during the 2008-2009 academic year.

Education by Office Hour

The Harvard I know today began in the most unlikely of ways: with a cup of tea, served loose-leaf in a ceramic mug, as I sat at a table littered with books and papers, impossibly squeezed between the bookshelves and free-standing chalkboard of a narrow Semitic Museum office.

Flocking to Finance

Recent graduates may take for granted the migration of one-fifth of their classmates into finance-sector jobs, but things haven’t always…

Getting My Feet Wet

I remember many things from my cousin’s wedding—my poofy bridesmaid’s dress, the humidity, how pretty the small church looked…

Rebuilding Churches

In college, Tim McCarthy ’93 was deeply involved in public service—as a Big Brother and head of the Freshman Urban Program steering…

A Peal Before Leaving

Question: “What was I, a young American student of medicine and electrical engineering—and an observant Jew—doing in the…

Students of Virginity

Sunday’s New York Times Magazine had a thought-provoking story on a Harvard student group founded on the principle of sexual abstinence…

Off Harvard Time

Many Harvard undergraduates give personal happiness and reflective decision-making short shrift in the race for academic accolades and…

Sophomores, Sex, Soap

Lisa Nestles into the folds of Adam’s grey fleece jacket, her hand entwined in his. The two lovers share a park bench and an uncertain…

Teaching and Learning Abroad

Mollie wright ’09 expected to spend her summer in Costa Rica teaching English. She was, after all, a volunteer for WorldTeach, a…

Applying Yourself

On a hot September day in 2004, President Lawrence H. Summers was addressing the large group of newly arrived freshmen and their parents about…

Concentration Complications

Of all the difficult decisions one confronts as an undergraduate, the selection of concentration is perhaps the hardest. Fortunately, it is also…