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Early-moring moving-in scenes, Harvard Yard, August 25

Photograph by Harvard Magazine/JC


Harvard Yard Move-ins, then and now


Courses and programs bring Harvard students and scholars face-to-face with inmates and the communities they come from.


Drew Faust and Jay M. Harris

Harvard leaders address College cheating investigation


Ready for a training run: Rebecca Nadler at the top of a trail at Sugarbush Resort in Vermont

Rebecca Nadler is Harvard's first NCAA gold medalist in skiing.

March-April 2013

The Undergraduate reflects on mentoring and community.

March-April 2013

Michael D. Smith

Harvard College imposes penalties severe following investigation of undergraduate academic misconduct

March-April 2013

Real-world office: professor of sociology Bruce Western interviews former prisoners at this pizza shop in downtown Boston.

Sociologist Bruce Western rethinks incarceration in America

March-April 2013