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Ashton Carter

Secretary of Defense Ashton B. Carter performing an oath of enlistment ceremony, Chicago, July 28, 2016

Courtesy of Department of Defense Photo


The former U.S. Secretary of Defense rejoins the faculty in a new role.


On the agenda: challenges to endowments and philanthropy

March-April 2017

New leadership begins sweeping change, attempting to improve persistent underperformance.

March-April 2017

N.P. Narvekar

Courtesy of Harvard University

Endowment staff to be reduced by half, and new senior personnel are appointed.


<p class="caption">Picketing and strike signs appeared on campus for the first time this millennium as dining-hall workers sought a new contract.</p>
<p class="credit">Courtesy of UNITE HERE Local 26</p>

A strike, negotiations, and a vote on wages, benefits, and union recognition

January-February 2017

The annual financial report celebrates current strengths, but cautions about a coming revenue squeeze.

January-February 2017

Janitors rally for wage increases earlier this month in Harvard Yard.

Courtesy of 32BJ SEIU

Averting a second campus strike this semester


Thomas Hollister, vice president for finance, and Paul J. Finnegan, University treasurer

Photographs from left: Paige Brown/Courtesy Tufts Medical Center and Stephanie Mitchell/Harvard Public Affairs and Communications

Strong capital-campaign giving, tuition growth, and a slight increase in federal funding contribute to this year’s surplus. 


Students join workers in a rally outside Massachusetts Hall.

Courtesy of UNITE HERE Local 26

The new contract involves compromises from both Harvard and the dining workers’ union.