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Since 2016, says showrunner David Mandel, shown here with Veep stars Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Tony Hale (below), it has become increasingly difficult for the show to outrun reality.

Photograph by Justin M Lubin/HBO


Showrunner David Mandel guides the final season of Veep—and finds himself politicized.


Min Jin Lee

Photograph by Ella Rinaldo

“I worry a great deal about how Koreans are perceived,” the author says.


Illustration by Gaby D’Alessandro

The continuing appeal of novelist Rachel Ingalls

March-April 2019

Photograph by Sasi/iStock

Navigating the challenges of caring for a child who is very ill

March-April 2019

Illustration by Matt Chinworth

Unpacking “what art does to us”

March-April 2019

The multitalented Edward Gorey in September 1977, on the distinctive set he designed for the Broadway production of Dracula—for which he won a Tony Award for best costume design

Photograph by Jack Mitchell/Getty Images

An idiosyncratic new biography of Edward Gorey

March-April 2019

California dreamin’: an 1883 poster extolling land, climate, and the virtues of immigration

Photograph by Pictorial Press Ltd. / Alamy Stock Photo

Recent books with Harvard connections

March-April 2019

Correspondence on not-so-famous lost words

March-April 2019

Harvey Mansfield on the cover of Harvard Magazine in 1999.

The Kenan professor of government’s story of a dissertation published 44 years after it was accepted