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Birder David Barrett pictured at Central Park

Barrett at a favorite birding site overlooking Turtle Pond, in Central Park, with Manhattan’s Upper East Side beyond

Photograph by Robert Adam Mayer


A quest to chronicle New York City’s avian community


Photograph of downtown Yamhill, Oregon, with general store

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(1 of 3) Yamhill’s physical charm, complete with a general store, may make it easy to overlook its people’s struggles.

Photograph by Lynsey Addario

Americans diminished by “social poverty”

May-June 2020

Photograph of Radcliffe Bunting Fellows circa 1964-1972

Bunting Fellows in conversation, circa 1964-1972; Tillie Olsen, holding a cup, is at right.

Photograph by Olive Pierce (circa 1964-1972). Copyright © the Pierce family. Schlesinger Library, Radcliffe Institute, Harvard University

From “women’s confinement” to “women’s liberation” at the Radcliffe Institute

May-June 2020

The Chelsea Theatre building

The artistic mission of the renovated Chelsea Theatre is partly informed by its public-housing neighborhood.

Photograph by Maurice Savage/Alamy Stock Photo

Joshua McTaggart leads London’s Chelsea Theatre into a new era.

May-June 2020

Paul Yoon

Paul Yoon

Photograph by Peter Yoon

Novelist Paul Yoon explores Laos’s forgotten war.

May-June 2020

A still image from the film, This is Love, showing Rudy Love in shadowed profile

InThis is Love,filmmakers John Alexander and JC Guest document Rudy Love’s scattered, euphoric, tumultuous life.

Image courtesy of The Love Story LLC

John Alexander follows the ups and downs of funk musician Rudy Love.

May-June 2020

fencers celebrate a championship win

Cai (far left) and teammates swarm Filip Dolegiewiez, who clinched their Ivy title.

Photograph courtesy of Crimson Athletic Communications

How Harvard fencers won an Ivy championship

May-June 2020

Photograph of Harvard’s Loeb House

Loeb House, where the University's governing boards meet
Photograph by Harvard Magazine/JC

The coronavirus pandemic threatened to disenfranchise alumni balloting.


Tommie Shelby, chair of African and African-American studies 
Photograph by Melissa Blackall 

Speakers discuss history, progress, hope, and home.