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Jennifer 8. Lee
Photograph by Harvard Magazine/JC


Jennifer 8. Lee ’99 on the world of “emoji activism” 


Since 2016, says showrunner David Mandel, shown here with Veep stars Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Tony Hale (below), it has become increasingly difficult for the show to outrun reality.

Photograph by Justin M Lubin/HBO

Showrunner David Mandel guides the final season of Veep—and finds himself politicized.

March-April 2019

David Garza on the roof of Henry Street Settlement’s youth-services building, with public housing and St. Augustine’s Episcopal Church beyond

Photograph by Robert Adam Mayer

At Henry Street Settlement, David Garza ’86 is not locking anyone out.

March-April 2019

A celebration of notable alumni and shared interest groups

March-April 2019

The official nominees for 2019 are announced.


Tracy K. Smith

Photograph © Rachel Eliza Griffiths

 The U.S. poet laureate will be honored on May 2. 


A serene and snowy moment in historic Portland

Photograph courtesy of Corey Templeton Photography

Enjoying Portland, Maine, in the “off-season”

January-February 2019

After the harvest, Kelby Russell, who makes cold-climate white wines, stands in a vineyard overlooking New York’s Seneca Lake.

Photograph by Robyn Wishna

Why the vineyards of New York called Kelby Russell home

January-February 2019