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Allston Campus

Allston: The Killer App

Harvard proposes moving the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences to the University’s expanded campus.

Economic Realities in Allston

The institutional master plan notification form Harvard filed in October 2012 no longer relies on debt-financing or unrealistic endowment payouts.

Downsizing: Arsenal Buildings Sold

Harvard divests the Arsenal on the Charles complex, in Watertown—once considered swing space in its ambitious Allston growth plans.

Allston’s New Agenda

Harvard will build housing and resume construction of a science building, submitting a new Institutional Master Plan by October.

Allston Agenda

The Allston Work Team’s development recommendations have been endorsed by the Harvard Corporation.

Rethinking Allston

The University has issued a new set of recommendations for its landholdings there.

Allston Development Plans Rescaled

Commercial development of housing, a “private-sector enterprise research campus,” and a hotel and conference center would replace much of the academic expansion Harvard envisioned earlier.

Allston Anticipation

The University explores co-development in Allston that might help fund science research there, and possibly a move by the Harvard School of Public Health.