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Introducing the Harvard Magazine Web App

By providing our content in formats designed for tablets and smartphones, we aim to meet readers wherever you are, whether on the go or at home.

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Access the current print issue in luminous color with photo galleries and adjustable type, and read breaking news alongside in-depth bimonthly content. Search for stories by topic or keyword—or browse by swiping a finger to reveal a new article. Save articles or an issue for reading offline. You can even customize the app to show stories that match your interests. Watch videos, listen to readings, flick through slide shows. It’s a portable world of ideas—and it’s all for you. 

We created this new platform in response to your suggestions. Providing this new service required tremendous resources, including hundreds of hours of staff time and a substantial financial investment, drawn from the magazine’s reserves. We hope that you will try the app free for three months and then choose to sponsor this project for $12. (Read “Your Magazine—Anytime, Anyplace,” to learn more.)

To access the app, visit using Safari on your Apple device or using Chrome on your Android device.


Ready When You Are

The app meets readers where you read—on the bus, the beach, a plane, or a picnic—it even works offline. You can save favorite articles for reading later, or download an entire back issue for browsing on the go. 

It’s Custom

From science to sports, and people to public policy, you choose the topics you want to read in the My Magazine” section of the app homepage.  Add your school and class year to get even more news pertinent to you.

Best of Both Worlds 

You get full print issues as well as constantly changing breaking news from the website—in one seamless reading experience. Not to mention class notes and obituaries, sortable by issue or class year.

Better Reading Experience 

Beautiful layouts have been specially designed for ease of reading on tablets and smartphones. Adjust the font size, swipe between stories, browse galleries of images, even watch a video. It’s print plus.


Navigate issues from a table of contents, or simply swipe to browse. A built-in user guide explains simple icons for accessing the main menu, searching, saving favorite articles, downloading an issue, or returning to a previous story.



The web app supports many devices

Supported Devices: A 2012 survey showed that more than three-quarters of the magazine’s readers own a tablet or smartphone. The Harvard Magazine app supports iPads (version 2 and later), iPhones (4S and later), and iPod touch (versions 4 and 5). Supported Android devices (on which Chrome is the recommended browser) include the Samsung S III and Motorola Droid Razr phones, as well as the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1. (The app may function on other devices, but those are not officially supported.)

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