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Softball Ace

Ace softball pitcher Rachel Brown demonstrates how she grips and delivers her best pitches.



Cambridge 02138

Letters about Al Franken, the value of lectures, education and economics, justice, the Tea Party, primate care, and more

Right Now

Mysteries of Mate Choice

How personal preferences drive our choice of mates—as understood through an online dating site.

Commencement and Reunion Guide

Class Reports, Redux

In a new novel, Deborah Copaken Kogan ’88 explores mid-life College reunions.
The Fogg from above, wrapped and being remade

Fine-Art Construction

Alumni returning to Cambridge this spring will find the Fogg expansion looming large.

John Harvard's Journal

Taking Shape

An aerial view of the Fogg art Museum reconstruction.
Dean of Harvard Medical School Jeffrey S. Flier

Animal Research Reforms

Harvard Medical School’s primate research center encounters repeated, serious lapses of proper procedure and safe animal care

Decanal Duo

Lizabeth Cohen named Radcliffe dean; David N. Hempton named Divinity School dean
Allan M. Brandt, dean of GSAS, stepped down in mid February.


Brandt steps down, ROTC on campus, admissions bill increase, education Ph.D., and more
Joshua Benton in the newsroom of the Nieman Journalism Lab


The Nieman Journalism Lab tracks innovations in journalism, online, in print, and on the business side.
Multiple images of Rachel Brown’s pitching motion. Softball pitchers may take one step forward from the rubber while dragging the back foot.

Queen of the Hill

Rachel Brown of the softball team broke Ivy records for strikeouts last year.
All-Ivy forward Kyle Casey ’13 drives toward the hoop against Vanderbilt’s Rod Odom.

One for the Books

The Harvard basketball team completed its best season with an appearance against Vanderbilt in the NCAA tournament.


Adam Bosworth

Playing with Health

Keas—founded by computer programmer Adam Bosworth ’76—combines social media and gaming to make wellness fun.

Vote Now

The 2012 nominees for Harvard overseers and HAA elected directors

The Classes

Harvard alumni may sign in to view class notes and obituaries.


The College Pump