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Institutions and innovation districts in the Boston area

From the Harvard Enterprise Research Campus Framkework Plan

Developers receive request for proposals

6.14.19 | News

Humanities in the age of money

6.12.19 | Research

Photograph by Allison Kern/Harvard Magazine

A hen turkey and her seven poults have settled near the eastern end of Harvard Yard. 

6.11.19 | News

Adams House, encompassing buildings ranging from Colonial America to Harvard’s Depression-era creation of the House system (and trisected by city streets), poses design and construction challenges. 

Courtesy of Beyer Blinder Belle 

The four-year renewal of Adams will run far longer than any of the other House projects. 

6.11.19 | News
Hansjörg Wyss

Hansjörg Wyss

Courtesy of The Wyss Foundation

A third round of funding by one of Harvard's leading donors

6.7.19 | News

Haworth Tompkins principal Steve Tompkins and American Repertory Theater’s Bloom artistic director Diane Paulus

Courtesy of A.R.T.

U.K.-based Haworth Tompkins to design its first U.S. building

6.5.19 | News

A rendering of the new Academic Resource Center, opening in late July

Courtesy of LAB / Life. Science. Architecture, Inc

The College overhauls academic counseling.

6.3.19 | News

In a conversation with Soledad O’Brien ’88, Dolores Huerta discussed activism’s past, present, and future.

Photograph by Tony Rinaldo

Radcliffe Medalist Dolores Huerta has spent her life helping people realize that they have power. 

5.31.19 | Commencement
Angela Merkel

Angela Merkel

Photograph by Jim Harrison

German chancellor Angela Merkel addresses the class of 2019.   

5.30.19 | Commencement

Photograph by Jim Harrison

Beyond the formalities, a message at the Morning Exercises of the University’s 368th Commencement

5.30.19 | Commencement