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A student protest during the 1968 Commencement

Courtesy of The Boston Globe via Getty Images

A senior thesis, and a new film, on the “historic generational shift” of which the class of 1968 was a part.

6.7.18 | News

A view of Massachusetts Hall, covered in scaffolding, from the east

Photograph by Lydia Carmichael/Harvard Magazine

Presidents Faust, Bacow relocated as the renovations proceed

6.6.18 | News

Illustration by Blair Kelly

Harvard researchers revisit and reaffirm a controversial environmental study.

6.5.18 | Research

Matthew Meselson
Photograph by Constance Brukin

A symposium honors a scientist who championed biological and chemical weapons control.

6.1.18 | News

James E. Ryan

Photograph by Casey Bayer/Harvard Graduate School of Education

James Ryan, the Graduate School of Education’s departing dean, counsels its new graduates with song.

5.31.18 | Commencement

Brown anole perched on a branch

Photograph by Oriol Lapiedra

How lizards’ behavior influences natural selection

5.31.18 | Research

From left: Madeleine Albright, Hillary Rodham Clinton, Lizabeth Cohen, and Maura Healey

Photograph by Tony Rinaldo

The 2016 presidential candidate discusses her time at Wellesley, the crisis in American government, and the importance of raising empathetic children. 

5.25.18 | Commencement

A Radcliffe Day panel discusses America’s role in a rapidly changing world.

5.25.18 | Commencement

John Lewis
Photograph by Jim Harrison

Congressman John Lewis spoke at Drew Faust's last afternoon exercises as Harvard president.

5.24.18 | Commencement

2018 newly elected Harvard Overseers and HAA directors

5.24.18 | News