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Our top stories on the crises in American health care 

11.16.20 | At Home with Harvard
Rebecca Henderson headshot over an orange background

Rebecca Henderson

How to reform capitalism to confront climate change and extreme inequality, with economist and McArthur University Professor Rebecca Henderson

11.16.20 | Podcast
The Ivy League logo

The Ivy League logo

The pandemic continues to affect athletics. 

11.13.20 | News
Carroll Lowenstein standing at the base of staircase

Carroll Lowenstein
Photograph courtesy of Peter Mee 

A performance for the ages—in just nine throws

11.13.20 | Sports
Harvard University shield


And other changes to Harvard’s COVID-19 workforce policies

11.12.20 | News
Photograph of demonstrators in front of the federal courthouse in Boston where the SFFA v. Harvard trial took place, with signs reading "Harvard No More Racial Stereotyping" and "My Race Should Not Hurt Me In Admissions.

In October 2018, supporters of Students for Fair Admissions hold signs in front of the federal courthouse where the admissions trial took place.

Photograph by Alamy Images

The latest ruling in a yearslong lawsuit alleging that the College’s admissions process discriminates against Asian-Americans 

11.12.20 | News
Jeannie Suk Gersen headshot over an orange background.

Jeannie Suk Gersen

Photograph by Nina Subin

Harvard Law School professor Jeannie Suk Gersen breaks down the use of race in college admissions and the future of affirmative action at the Supreme Court. 

11.9.20 | Podcast
A ball flies through the air off the foot of Vic Kennard.

A kick off the left foot of Vic Kennard ends a six-year drought versus the Bulldogs. 

An "indelible feat of foot" leads Harvard over Yale. 

11.6.20 | Sports

A selection from the Forbes Pigment Collection

Photograph by Caitlin Cunningham/Courtesy of the Harvard Art Musuems/©President and Fellows of Harvard College

Harvard’s world-famous collection of colors can now be enjoyed from home. 

11.6.20 | Arts

Claudine Gay, dean of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences
Photograph courtesy of Harvard Public Affairs and Communications

…prompting a different kind of Faculty of Arts and Sciences annual report.

11.3.20 | News