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Photograph of Kate Murtagh, chief compliance officer and managing director of sustainable investing at Harvard Management Company

Kate Murtagh, chief compliance officer and managing director of sustainable investing at Harvard Management Company

Photograph by Stephanie Mitchell, Harvard University. 

Harvard Management Company issues its first report on the “net-zero” greenhouse-gas emissions goal.

2.25.21 | News

As expected, the anti-affirmative-action advocate appeals after losing in lower court rounds.

2.25.21 | News
A grandson with his arm around his grandmother

Noah Evers ’22 and his grandmother Patricia Greenfield ’62, Ph.D. ’66

Photo by Lauren Greenfield ’87

A Harvard grandmother’s—and grandson’s—research

2.22.21 | Science
President Lawrence S. Bacow

Lawrence S. Bacow
Photograph by Lydialyle Gibson

President Bacow joins a chorus of leaders calling for comprehensive immigration reform.

2.19.21 | News
The Ivy League logo

A fourth consecutive season is shuttered.

2.18.21 | Sports
Proposed massing and configuration of new buildings on Harvard's enterprise research campus

Harvard development partner Tishman Speyer’s proposed massing and configuration of buildings for the first phase of construction on the Enterprise Research Campus in Allston.

From Tishman Speyer's Project Notification Form filing. 

Tishman Speyer details the first phase of the “enterprise research campus”—and points to a doubling of the project’s ultimate size.

2.16.21 | Allston Campus
A photograph of the border wall stretching toward a mountain in the distance

The border wall, looking eastward from the Mexican side, toward El Monte Cristo Rey, a mountain where there is no wall, but the rugged terrain deters crossings. The Mexican soldiers who guard the border there, Smith says, sometimes have to rescue stranded or injured migrants. The painted signs attached to the wall read, in part, “Ni delincuentes ni ilegales”: "Neither criminals nor illegals.
Photograph courtesy of Morgan Smith. 

Photographer Morgan Smith ’60 documents life on the precarious precipice between Mexico and the United States.

2.9.21 | Alumni

A searing conclusion about sexual harassment on campus

2.4.21 | News
A Zoom screen shot shows guest speaker Isabel Wilkerson, interviewer Don Lemon, and Harvard professor David R. Williams

Isabel Wilkerson, Don Lemon, and Norman professor of public health David R. Williams.
Photograph by Lydialyle Gibson; edited by Niko Yaitanes. 

Author Isabel Wilkerson kicks off a Harvard speaker series on storytelling and public health.

2.3.21 | News
Harvard President Lawrence S. Bacow

President Lawrence S. Bacow

President Bacow speaks out on U.S. political conditions—and universities’ rightful role.

2.2.21 | News