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Commencement 2019 photograph

What a real Commencement looked like, in 2019

Photographed by Jim Harrison

Harvard Commencement will be postponed, but degrees will be awarded virtually.

3.20.20 | News
Photograph of the author's Harvard dorm room with chairs, sofa, posters

Photograph by Drew Pendergrass

“What will it mean to end our time on this campus with no closure, no time to reflect on what it all meant?”

3.20.20 | Opinion
Photograph of Nitin Nohria

Nitin Nohria
Photograph courtesy of Harvard Public Affairs and Communications

Nitin Nohria, scheduled to step down June 30, will remain dean through 2020.

3.19.20 | News
A fencer walks away from his opponent, holding up a fist

2020 Ivy foil champion Geoffrey Tourette '21 celebrates a point.

Photograph courtesy of Harvard Athletics Communcations 

A focus on process leads Harvard fencers to an Ivy championship.

3.19.20 | Sports
Photograph by Karen Dynan

Karen Dynan
Photograph courtesy of Karen Dynan

The severe economic fallout, in context

3.19.20 | News
photograph of Lizabeth Cohen

Lizabeth Cohen
Photograph by Stephanie Mitchell/Harvard Public Affairs and Communications

The urban historian is honored—for the second time.

3.18.20 | News
Photograph of Stuart Harris

Stuart Harris
Photograph by Jim Harrison

A conversation with emergency doctor Stuart Harris

3.17.20 | News
Photograph of 7 Ware Street, Harvard Magazine offices

From 7 Ware Street, the magazine’s office

Photograph by Harvard Magazine/AK

How we plan to serve you during the coronavirus disruptions

3.16.20 | News

Photograph by Martha Stewart

How courts in the United States have become politicized, with Maya Sen, professor of public policy at the Harvard Kennedy School.

3.16.20 | Podcast

After Harvard informed college students that they must move out, Harvard Athletics began to make its own cancellations—a reasonable decision, but a brutal blow to athletes, coaches, and staff.

3.13.20 | Sports