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In Nigeria, Tomato Jos hopes to help improve farmers’ practices and sales, to boost their incomes.
Photograph courtesy of Tomato Jos


Addressing human needs at the base of the economic pyramid through private enterprise


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Photograph by Kris Snibbe/Harvard Public Affairs and Communications

President Faust and administrators speak on themes of diversity, community building, and self-discovery.

9.2.15 | Harvard College

Photograph by Kris Snibbe/Harvard Public Affairs and Communications

A beginning-of-term talk on being "generous listeners," as litigation about admissions and diversity proceeds anew

9.2.15 | Harvard College
Photo of the exterior of Dunster House

The exterior of Dunster House
Photograph by Jon Chase/Harvard Public Affairs and Communications

The first House to under go full renovations welcomes back its residents.

8.31.15 | Students

Early-morning moving-in scenes, Harvard Yard, August 25

Photograph by Harvard Magazine/JC

Harvard Yard Move-ins, then and now

8.25.15 | Students

Freshman convocation, Morning Prayers, and pending news on the University's agenda as the academic year begins

8.25.15 | News

Among the contributors (clockwise from top left): Ellen Chubin Epstein, Adam Fratto, Renee Covi, Steven Erlanger, Lina S. Scroggins, Lynda Cohen Loigman, Viet D. Dinh, and Susan D. Wojcicki
Photographs provided by the subjects

Harvard Magazine asked recent reunioners to reflect on their undergraduate experience.

8.14.15 | Opinion

Interpreting possible investment returns

8.14.15 | Harvard finances

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Heavy construction under way in the Harvard Kennedy School's (former) courtyard
Photograph by Harvard Magazine/JC

John Harvard's Journal

Overhauling the Kennedy School campus, the Business School’s new executive-education center, and College House renewal

September-October 2015

Illustration by Tom Chitty

Right Now

According to two HBS studies, sharing can benefit individuals but hurt businesses.

September-October 2015

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