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Articles: Students

Photograph courtesy of the Harvard Alumni Association


Harvard seniors help Houses thrive.


John Wang’s installation “100+ Years at 73 Brattle,” winner of Radcliffe’s biennial art competition 

Photograph by Kevin Grady/Radcliffe Institute

John Wang ’16, winner of Radcliffe’s public art competition, reflects on art and historical perspective. 


A view of renewed Winthrop House's expanded terrace. Click through for more images.
Photograph by Peter Vanderwarker

Students move into a renovated Winthrop House.


The front of the sleeve from a Dunster Dunces album, which included arrangements of George Gershwin and Irving Berlin, as well as original compositions

Courtesy of Jonathan Aibel

A look (and listen) back at the Dunster Dunces


Harvard's First Generation Student Union hosts events like the first gen welcome event for freshmen.

Courtesy of Harvard College First Generation Student Union

Advocating support for first-generation Harvard students


Tjerk van Herwaarden

Photograph by Gil Talbot/Harvard Athletic Communications

Under coach Tjerk van Herwaarden, Harvard field hockey ascends.

September-October 2017

Natasha Lasky and Tawanda Mulalu

Photograph by Stu Rosner

The Ledecky Fellows provide an undergraduate perspective on life at Harvard.

September-October 2017

Illustration by Rebecca Clarke

The Undergraduate contemplates cycles in college friendships.

September-October 2017

A Harvard committee proposes eliminating unsanctioned student social organizations.

September-October 2017