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The author and her two roommates stand in the snow in front of their future home at Harvard.

March 2018, Randolph Courtyard: The author (center) and her two future roommates, Sreya at left and Pranati at right, have just run over from the Yard on Housing Day, having learned they’d been assigned to Adams House.

Photograph courtesy of Meena Venkataramanan. 


The College’s annual “Housing Day” dramas, conducted online.


A drawing showing a large crossbar being hauled into place between two tall smokestacks to make a giant "H" for "Harvard"

Illustration by Mark Steele

Headlines from Harvard’s history

January-February 2021

A Zoom screen shot of multiple Harvard student members of the College radio station, WHRB

Though WHRB had to initiate its newest members over Zoom, each student picked a traditional five-character radio name.

Extracurriculars cope despite COVID-19.

January-February 2021

Portrait of Rachel Gable, author of new book on first-generation students at elite colleges

Rachel Gable

Photograph by Harvard Magazine/JC

Rachel Gable’s research on helping first-generation and low-income students succeed at elite colleges

January-February 2021

Painting of three pairs of worn, heavy shoes by Vincent van Gogh

Three Pairs of Shoes by Vincent van Gogh

Image courtesy of Harvard Art Museums; © President and Fellows of Harvard College

Redrawing community at Harvard

January-February 2021

Harvard volleyball player Sandra Zeng setting a ball during a game

An adept passer and gritty defender, Zeng also finished fifth in the Ivy League in service aces.

Photograph by Gil Talbot/Harvard Athletic Communications

Volleyball captain Sandra Zeng’s defensive focus

January-February 2021

Headshot photographs of Sherri Ann Charleston, Anthony Jack, Dustin Tingley, Maria Luisa Parra, and Clint Smith

Professor of government Dustin Tingley (bottom right), faculty director of the Harvard Initiative for Learning and Teaching and deputy vice provost for advances in learning, introduces HILT conference panelists (clockwise from top left): Sherri Ann Charleston, Anthony Jack, María Luisa Parra, and Clint Smith.
Screen capture by Harvard Magazine/LG

The Harvard Initiative for Learning and Teaching conference considers classroom inclusion and equity.


In Harvard Yard, workers unload gigantic heads of lettuce and other greens from a truck prominently labeled United Farm Workers as students celebrate the University's decision to support the union workers by buying only UFW-certified produce.

Illustration by Mark Steele

Headlines from Harvard’s history

November-December 2020

Drawing of a college student seated at her desk in her bedroom at home, looking at images of friends on her computer screen. On the desk are a book and a bowl of salad, reflecting recommendations made by friends previously.

Illustration by Amelia Flower/Folio Art

The Undergraduate considers friendships on and away from campus.

November-December 2020