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Photograph courtesy of the Harvard Alumni Association


Harvard seniors help Houses thrive.


College students collaborate on tech projects at HackHarvard.

Courtesy of Major League Hacking/

On the draws and limitations of college hackathons


The director of the Harvard Foundation passed away after a brief illness.


Membership in any and all unrecognized student social organizations would be prohibited.


Andrew Womack excavating within kiln at Qijiaping in excavation unit T1 on May 15, 2017.

Photograph by Rowan Flad

Field notes from a summer archaeological expedition


President Drew Faust

An expected transition, as the University’s twenty-eighth president plans to conclude her service.


Four from the class of 2017 are off to the other Cambridge.

July-August 2017

Yale-NUS, an ambitious Singapore-based experiment in liberal arts, is built around this central courtyard.

Photograph courtesy of Yale-NUS

Yale-NUS, Nicholas Lemann, and Minerva remodel liberal arts for the twenty-first century.

July-August 2017

Jade Miller
Photograph courtesy of Harvard Athletic Communicaitons

Track and field, golf, crew, tennis

July-August 2017