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Image shows a dendritic cell (shown in yellow) attached to a man-made polymer lattice inside a pill-sized implantable device.

Dendritic cells (like the one shown in yellow, within a pink polymer support structure) can be activated to recognize cancer cells. After migrating to the lymph nodes and spleen, they then train immune-system T cells to attack and destroy tumors.

Image courtesy of the Wyss Institute at Harvard University


An implantable cancer vaccine shows promise in training the immune system to attack tumors.


Portrait of Rachel Gable, author of new book on first-generation students at elite colleges

Rachel Gable

Photograph by Harvard Magazine/JC

Rachel Gable’s research on helping first-generation and low-income students succeed at elite colleges

January-February 2021

Drawing of a distant solitary figure walking alone toward the horizon along a narrowing path of light edged on both sides by darkness

Illustration by Francescoch/iStock

As the country isolates, are we all alone?

January-February 2021

An illustration by James Steinberg shows a heavenly hand extending down to the U.S. Capitol and attempting to influence members of Congress

Illustration by James Steinberg

How faith shapes economic and social policy

January-February 2021

Archival photograph of John F. Kennedy as an undergraduate, circa 1939, studying papers

John F. Kennedy as an undergraduate, circa 1939, had well-formed views on the advent of World War II.

Photograph courtesy of the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum

An unusual senior thesis

January-February 2021

Collage of Cover of Fevers, Feuds and Diamonds by Paul Farmer and a Headshot of Paul Farmer.

Cover of Fevers, Feuds and Diamonds by Paul Farmer and Photograph of Paul Farmer

Photograph of Paul Farmer by Stephanie Mitchell/Harvard Public Affairs and Communication


The 2014 epidemic was rooted in centuries of exploitation and war, Paul Farmer argues.


Rebecca Henderson headshot over an orange background

Rebecca Henderson

How to reform capitalism to confront climate change and extreme inequality, with economist and McArthur University Professor Rebecca Henderson


In a year like no other, read a selection of Harvard Magazine stories on the forces that will shape the presidential election outcome. 


A family celebrates Thanksgiving as coronavirus circulates unseen in the air around them.

Indoor gatherings increase the risk of SARS-CoV-2 transmission.

Art by Niko Yaitanes/Harvard Magazine; images by iStock

Seasonality and SARS-CoV-2