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Photograph of a flood Texas residential street

Winnie, Texas is not considered to be in a floodplain. But coastal hurricanes have flooded the town repeatedly since 2008.

Photograph by Smiley N. Pool-Pool/Getty Images


To protect against rising seas, local lenders are selling off risky mortgages.


Fragments from Callimachus, as styled by fellow poet Stephanie Burt


An illustrated poster for the June 10, 2020 #ShutDownStem academic strike for Black Lives Matter, showing people of different races, genders, and abilities organizing for racial justice

Academia’s reckoning with anti-black racism


Dan Barouch in his Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center laboratory

Dan Barouch

Photograph courtesy of Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center

The when and how of vaccines

July-August 2020

At Home with Harvard: Health and Fitness

Read some of our extensive coverage on breakthrough health and wellness research.


Illustration of a dog with a brain made up of different colorful regions depicting skills such as hunting and herding

Illustration by Paul Boston

Researchers hope to tease out the effects of breeding and training on dog brain structure.

July-August 2020

Illustration showing Greek pillars to represent democracy made from rolled newspapers. One of the pillars has tipped over and spilled a jumble of letters.

Illustration by Gary Neill

If the press is essential to democracy, what can be done to save news organizations?

July-August 2020

Illustration of a woman in a lab coat studying shadows cast by vials of blood, each shadow a readout indicating the presence of a past exposure to a specific pathogen.

Illustration by John Holcroft

A serological test may reveal the COVID-19 virus’s weaknesses—and expose its strategic decoys.

July-August 2020

Photograph of Melissa Dell

Melissa Dell

Photograph by Wess Gray/Courtesy of Melissa Dell

“In the 1960s, 1970s, 1980s, people in academic institutions like Harvard predominantly studied the U.S. and Europe,” says the development economist.

July-August 2020