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Illustration of human torso with affected organs highlighted

Illustration by Darrel Rees


Researchers studying 95 million Medicare records find new fine-particle impacts in the blood, gut, skin, kidneys, and other organs.


A businessman reclines on the deck of a ship with no one at the helm

Illustration by Michal Steich

Index funds cast a large proportion of proxy votes in U.S. companies, but take a hands-off approach with management.

March-April 2020

An original eighteenth-century colonial map of Jamaica

Vincent Brown adapted several eighteenth-century maps of Jamaica to create his own narrative map of Tacky’s Revolt. 
Map courtesy of Vince Brown



Vincent Brown writes war, empire, and slaves’ agency into the history of Atlantic slavery.

March-April 2020

Photograph of Pippa Norris

Pippa Norris

Photograph by Stu Rosner

Harvard political scientist Pippa Norris chronicles the rise of populist authoritarians in Western democracies.

March-April 2020

Frank Hu holds a plate filled with food.

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Hu believes a plant-based diet can help feed a growing population in a healthy, sustainable way.
Photograph by Jim Harrison

Frank Hu confronts the triple threats of obesity, undernutrition, and climate change.

March-April 2020

Photograph of Caroline Tervo

Caroline Tervo ’18 researched North Carolina politics—at the local craft brewery, at Olive Garden, and at IHOP.
Photograph by Jon Chase/Harvard Public Affairs and Communications

Undergraduates contribute to a new book on grass-roots organizing at the center of American politics.

March-April 2020

Photograph of Elisa New

Elisa New began teaching online humanities courses in 2013.
Photograph by Rose Lincoln/Harvard Public Affairs and Communications

Literature professor Elisa New spearheads an online poetry course for talented students in underserved high schools.

March-April 2020

Photograph of Alan Jenkins

Alan Jenkins
Photograph by Jim Harrison

A brief look at a Harvard Law School professor's long journey

March-April 2020

A common plasticizer causes infertility, and fructose affects fat metabolism.

March-April 2020