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Illustration by James Yamasaki


Developmental psychologists find a surprising relationship between age and emotional understanding.


Linnea Olson, shown with her dog, Kumo, has survived 13 years with lung cancer.

Photograph by Jim Harrison

Using precision medicine, Harvard researchers target cancer.

May-June 2018

Mara Sidmore, artistic director of Applied Theatre Practice at the Bok Center
Photograph by Jim Harrison

A theatre troupe aims for higher ed.

May-June 2018

A deputy sheriff confronts civil-rights marchers in front of the county courthouse in Greenwood, Mississippi, in 1966. Greenwood, nicknamed “the Cotton Capital of the World,” depended heavily on slave labor in the nineteenth century and became a flashpoint for racial strife throughout the twentieth.

Photograph by Bettmann/Getty Images

A new book traces today’s politics back to chattel slavery.

May-June 2018

Illustration by Doug Panton

The digital tools advertisers rely on can be easily manipulated to influence public opinion on politics.

May-June 2018

Illustration by Jason Ford

Interventions that mobilize family support networks have powerful effects.

May-June 2018

Photograph by LuckyBusiness/iStock

New research proves that couples should spend money to increase quality time spent together.


At Jefferson Laboratory, Nobel Prize winners gather to remember one of their own.


Illustration by Peter Horvath

Steven Pinker’s Enlightenment Now defends science from modern-day foes.

March-April 2018