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Photograph courtesy of the Harvard Alumni Association


Harvard seniors help Houses thrive.


(From left) Annalee Perez ’17 and Brittany Wang ’17
Courtesy of the Harvard Alumni Association

The Aloian Memorial Scholars contribute to House life.

September-October 2016

Advocate editors playing to the camera circa 1900-1910

Courtesy of Harvard University Archives

The Harvard Advocate turns 150.

September-October 2016

Photograph by Harvard Magazine/JB

Continuing challenges to undergraduate-admissions policies, and diversifying faculties

September-October 2016

The magazine’s Berta Greenwald Ledecky Undergraduate Fellows for the 2016-2017 academic year will be Matthew Browne ’17 and Lily Scherlis ’18.

Photograph by Stu Rosner

The magazine's Ledecky Fellows provide an undergraduate perspective.

September-October 2016

Illustration by Scott Laumann

The Undergraduate bears witness for a friend.

September-October 2016

Anne Cheng

Photograph by Jim Harrison

Anne Cheng anchors Harvard's new golf prowess.

September-October 2016

From left: Norman Horowitz, Aristo Sham '19, and Melvin Stecher

Photograph courtesy of Hemsing Associates

Aristo Sham ’19 takes first place at the New York International Piano Competition.


The four winners will begin study in the other Cambridge this fall.

July-August 2016