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Photograph courtesy of the Harvard Alumni Association


Harvard seniors help Houses thrive.


The swift growth in undergraduate quantitative-science concentrators

January-February 2017

University Hall

Photograph by Stephanie Mitchell/Harvard Public Affairs and Communications

The Faculty of Arts and Sciences will extend its contentious deliberations into the spring semester.


Unresolved issues as faculty vote on sanctions approaches


Noah Harrison
Photograph by Paul Rutherford/Harvard Athletic Communications

A different Harvard team makes the NCAAs.


Clint Smith
Photograph courtesy of Clint Smith

“It doesn’t even make sense to me that art and protest would be separate.”

January-February 2017

Illustration by asmakar/iStock

Students and alumni who worked for the Clinton campaign reflect on their defeat, and the way forward. 


In first game back after tearing his ACL in summer 2015, Siyani Chambers ’16 (’17) scored 12 points and dished out a team-leading four assists.
Photograph by Gil Talbot/Harvard Athletic Communications

In China, men’s basketball loses to Stanford.


Students respond to news of Donald Trump’s election at Harvard Kennedy School.

Photograph by Rose Lincoln/Harvard Public Affairs and Communications

After Trump’s win, Harvardians ask, what happened?