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Photograph courtesy of the Harvard Alumni Association


Harvard seniors help Houses thrive.


Far from Missouri: Nomin-Erdene Jagdagdorj on the choppy, cold Charles with skipper Nicholas Karnovsky ’19

Photograph by Jim Harrison

A Harvard sailor, a long way from landlocked Mongolia and Missouri

May-June 2017

Illustration by Daniel Baxter

The Undergraduate wrestles with The Advocate’s exclusive comp process. 

May-June 2017

The College’s social-club sanctions remain highly controversial.

May-June 2017

A Thai fortunetelling manuscript from the early nineteenth century, held at Houghton Library

Photograph courtesy of Houghton Library/Harvard College Library Imaging Services

An undergraduate’s view of the collections at Houghton Library, from the inside looking out.


Zena Edosomwan ’17 leaped over three teammates, all of whom are at least six-foot-nine, during the slam dunk contest at Crimson Madness.
Photograph courtesy of Harvard Athletic Communications

Zena Edosomwan's journey


The right stuff: Freshman point guard Katie Benzan, shown shooting in the home opener against Maine, led the Harvard women’s basketball team in minutes played and points scored per game through January, helping to spark 16 consecutive wins—tying the longest such streak in Crimson basketball history and raising hopes for an Ivy League championship. 

Photographs courtesy of Harvard Athletic Communications

Basketball teams pursue Ivy League tournament titles. 

March-April 2017

Illustration by Anthony Freda

The Undergraduate considers campus debate and action in a polarized era.

March-April 2017

Broadening the debate on Harvard’s single-gender social organizations

March-April 2017