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Harvard’s Dan Barouch finds long-term Zika vaccine efficacy varies by delivery method.


A young girl jumps rope on the sidewalk next to her family’s belongings after they received a court order of eviction that was carried out by McLennan County deputy constables in Waco, Texas. Families like hers are the kind of clients badly in need of legal representation—and most often unlikely to receive it.

Photograph by Larry Downing/Reuters

America’s unfulfilled promise of “equal justice under law”

November-December 2017

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Data courtesy of FAS Office for Faculty Affairs

The dean’s annual report provides financial details on House renewal, the faculty census, and a new inequality initiative.


A Harvard conference on diversity and academic inclusion


A flier for last Friday’s symposium at Radcliffe

A Radcliffe Institute symposium examines the recent policies—and politics—of the U.S. health system.


The young Rachel Carson (1940); Abraham Lincoln, wearied by the Civil War (1864); and the Endurance in the crushing grip of polar ice

From Left: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service; Library of Congress (2)

The Business School’s Nancy Koehn analyzes the personal stakes that propel leaders.

September-October 2017

Derek Bok and other scholars weigh in on improving universities and colleges—and why that’s hard to do.

September-October 2017

Sunil Amrith

Photograph by Jim Harrison

The Bay of Bengal is central for this South Asia scholar.

September-October 2017

Illustration By Doug Panton

The combination of certain factors can determine whether a city is plagued with disease, or is a hub for innovation. 

September-October 2017