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Solar panels on the roof and fixed shading on the windows suggest that this is no ordinary wood-shingled house.

Photograph by Stu Rosner


The Center for Green Buildings and Cities aims to reduce energy used to heat and cool buildings to nearly zero.


A student protest during the 1968 Commencement

Courtesy of The Boston Globe via Getty Images

A senior thesis, and a new film, on the “historic generational shift” of which the class of 1968 was a part.


Illustration by Blair Kelly

Harvard researchers revisit and reaffirm a controversial environmental study.

July-August 2018

Matthew Meselson
Photograph by Constance Brukin

A symposium honors a scientist who championed biological and chemical weapons control.


Brown anole perched on a branch

Photograph by Oriol Lapiedra

How lizards’ behavior influences natural selection


Tomiko Brown-Nagin

Photograph by Kris Snibbe/Harvard Public Affairs and Communications

The legal historian will become dean on July 1. 


David Shumway Jones

Photograph by John Soares/Harvard Medical School

Historian David Shumway Jones warns that the cost of precision medicine might lead to higher levels of inequality in healthcare.

May-June 2018

Dean Stanley Shaw and Dr. Deborah Schrag

From left: Courtesy of Stanley Shaw and Deborah Schrag

Physicians bring data science to bear on patient health and wellness information.

May-June 2018

Click to see full image of the Ziegler models.
Photograph by Jim Harrison

Artifacts of embryology

May-June 2018