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January-February '98

Right Now
  Memories on glass, population implosion, climate and coronaries, lunar launch, digital dentistry

  Editor's Letter
Ghosts, goals, and prizes

Cambridge 02138
Communications from our readers - with links to the original articles (a great introduction to recent pieces)

Oscar Handlin hears the serpent hiss

Harvard Health
Preparing for life-or-death decisions

New England Regional Edition
Retirement financial planning, plus do-it-yourself stir-fry

The Browser
Unraveling the cable of science, faculty duty, and satire in 4/4 time

The Alumni
The College and College song transformed; unending e-mail

The College Pump
The short life of The Gad-Fly

Who's Pudding-on-Airs?



In and out of the closet at Harvard, 1653-1998
by Andrew Tobias

This magazine turns 100 next November. Let the festivities begin with an invitation to readers, part one of a centennial timeline, and a harvest of epigrams

The Loeb Fellowship's growing impact on the places where we live and work
by Jonathan Shaw

Brief life of a Russian émigré writer in Paris: 1903-1971
by László Dienes

by Paul Muldoon

The worrisome distribution of the fruits of American economic growth
by Richard B. Freeman

The historic visit of Jiang Zemin, parent Al Gore, new funds for international studies, alcohol policy, the president on the Campaign, state papers returned to Georgia, Harvard eggs will make you smarter, tenure trends among faculty women, undergraduate publications, the football team's historic season, and a century on ice

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