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Garrett Graff '03 Appointed Editor of The Washingtonian


Garrett M. Graff '03, a former Ledecky Undergraduate Fellow of Harvard Magazine, has been appointed editor of The Washingtonian--only the third individual to hold that post in the magazine's 44-year history. An August 12 e-mail to Washingtonian staff from president and publisher Catherine Merrill Williams announced that long-time editor Jack Limpert would move to senior status as editor-at-large, and that Graff, who had been appointed executive editor last spring, would succeed him effective September 1.

As an undergraduate writer at Harvard, the prolific Graff contributed articles on subjects ranging from Harvard debaters and Harvardians' military service to David L. Gunn ’59, M.B.A. ’64, the president of Amtrak and financial aid. After graduating, he profiled Kenneth Mehlman, J.D. ’91 and Mark Warner, J.D. ’80, as they stepped away from presidential politics. Based on his experiences in the presidential campaign of Howard Dean (Graff is a fellow Vermonter) and his political reporting for the Washingtonian, Graff published a book on Internet-era politicking, The First Campaign: Globalization, the Web, and the Race for the White House