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Alumni | Commencement 2015

The Senior Alumni

July-August 2015

Evelyn Richmond and Robert F. Rothschild

Evelyn Richmond and Robert F. Rothschild

Photographs by Jim Harrison

The oldest graduates of Harvard and Radcliffe present at Commencement were 94-year-old Evelyn Richmond ’41, of Nashville, Tennessee, who was accompanied by her son, Clifford Richmond ’75, and 97-year-old Robert F. Rothschild ’39, of New York City, who came with his wife, Margaret Rothschild ’65. Both were recognized during the afternoon ceremony by HAA president Cynthia A. Torres ’80, M.B.A. ’84. Richmond, basking in what she called “a welcoming and friendly” crowd, added that her husband, the late Samuel B. Richmond, “was also the class of 1940—so Harvard is a family thing.” Last on campus for her tenth Radcliffe reunion in 1951, Richmond was drawn back this year by the special events of Radcliffe Day and the chance to hear President Drew Faust and Commencement speaker Deval L. Patrick. “I came through the procession with everyone clapping and the band playing all the old songs I know so well,” she said. “Harvard does it right. It was a great place when I was here, and it’s still a great place.”

According to the active University alumni records, the oldest alumni include: Edith M. Van Saun ’29, 108, of Sykesville, Maryland; Mary Anglemyer ’31, 105, of Medford, New Jersey; Louise J. Wells ’32, 105, of Harwich, Massachusetts; Helena W. Phillips ’33, 103, of West Palm Beach; Clarence M. Agress ’33, 103, of Santa Barbara; Mary Grossman MacEwan ’33, 102, of Tucson; Anne Sharples Frantz ’33, 103, of Peterborough, New Hampshire; William Peters Blanc ’34, 102, of Sag Harbor, New York; Marian Cannon Schlesinger ’34, 102, of Cambridge; and Jacob (Jack) Chartoff ’35, 102, of Boston.

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