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Photograph by LuckyBusiness/iStock


New research proves that couples should spend money to increase quality time spent together.


At Jefferson Laboratory, Nobel Prize winners gather to remember one of their own.


Illustration by Peter Horvath

Steven Pinker’s Enlightenment Now defends science from modern-day foes.

March-April 2018

Illustration by Daniel Baxter

Research with infants suggests the ability to understand abstract relationships.

March-April 2018

Illustration by Marina Micheli

Mate choice is often controlled by genetics, but sometimes culture plays a role.

March-April 2018

Robots at the MIT Museum

Photograph courtesy of the Cambridge Science Festival

Engage in “hands-on, creative activities directly with scientists.”

March-April 2018

Erica Walker
Photograph by Stu Rosner

Erica Walker aims to put “tools and data into the hands of people who can use it.”

March-April 2018

From improvements in supply chain management to milk without a cow, Food-X offers a glimpse of the culinary future.

March-April 2018

Dan Voytas, Calyxt's chief scientific adviser and co-inventor of TALEN, a gene-editing technique

Photograph by Thomas Strand

Scientists are tweaking plant genomes so that food crops grow better, especially under conditions of stress.

March-April 2018