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An illustration depicts the torso of a patient as teams of tiny, Lilliputian physicians run tests and examinations.

Illustration by Richard Beacham


Do patients who defeat cancer hold biological secrets?


Illustrated portrait of John Rawls

Illustration by David Johnson

The lasting influence and limitations of John Rawls’s political philosophy

September-October 2019

A coach cashiered, a professor sanctioned, an Allston update, and more

September-October 2019

Photograph of Elizabeth Hinton

Elizabeth Hinton
Photograph by Stu Rosner

Historian Elizabeth Hinton probes the roots of a gathering crisis.

September-October 2019

Painted portrait of Adella Hunt Logan

This portrait of Hunt Logan by the Parisian-trained, African-American painter William Edouard Scott, was begun in 1915 while he was in residence at Tuskegee and completed at her daughter’s direction in 1918.
Portrait from Adele Logan Alexander’s personal collection

Brief life of a rebellious black suffragist: 1863-1915

September-October 2019

Photograph of redeveloped Boston Government Center, 1971

The redeveloped Government Center, Boston, 1971, and surrounding private buildings

Photograph courtesy of Pei Cobb Freed & Partners

In the history of urban renewal, a glimmer of the possibilities of social policy today

September-October 2019

“It’s kind of like when you go to the library to check out one book, but it’s actually the book next to the book you were looking for that was the important one. A syllabus sets up that opportunity.”


Illustration by Davide Bonazzi

Long-term investors fall to short-term thinking.

July-August 2019

Bridget Terry Long

Photograph by Stephanie Mitchell/Harvard Public Affairs and Communications

New HGSE dean Bridget Terry Long seeks to “expand, double down, and deepen our impact.”

July-August 2019