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University Hall

Photograph by Kris Snibbe/Harvard Public Affairs and Communications


Reflections on governance, enforcement, and the efficacy of the sanctions


Derek Bok and other scholars weigh in on improving universities and colleges—and why that’s hard to do.

September-October 2017

Making the faculty and research a high priority for the presidential search

September-October 2017

President Drew Faust

President Drew Faust on the rise, and significance, of engineering and the applied sciences at Harvard

September-October 2017

Readers comment further on “Fair Harvard,” teaching the liberal arts, celebrity and politics, the middle class, and more.

September-October 2017

Memorial Hall burning in September 1956—with flames beyond the reach of firefighting apparatus

Photograph by William Simon

A fresh source for Harvard humor, a critique embedded in a memorium, and historic photos of a famous campus fire

September-October 2017

College students collaborate on tech projects at HackHarvard.

Courtesy of Major League Hacking/

On the draws and limitations of college hackathons


Meme by Lydia Carmichael/Harvard Magazine

The Undergraduate dives into meme culture.

July-August 2017

The administration’s potentially costly misunderstanding about science

July-August 2017