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University Hall

Photograph by Kris Snibbe/Harvard Public Affairs and Communications


The long final-clubs debate yields an uncertain path forward—and reveals fault lines in governance.


The Hongdae neighborhood of Seoul

Photograph by Spencer Lenfield

Living calmly next to a rogue nuclear state


Illustration by Rebecca Clarke

The Undergraduate contemplates cycles in college friendships.

September-October 2017

Derek Bok and other scholars weigh in on improving universities and colleges—and why that’s hard to do.

September-October 2017

Making the faculty and research a high priority for the presidential search

September-October 2017

President Drew Faust

President Drew Faust on the rise, and significance, of engineering and the applied sciences at Harvard

September-October 2017

Readers comment further on “Fair Harvard,” teaching the liberal arts, celebrity and politics, the middle class, and more.

September-October 2017

Memorial Hall burning in September 1956—with flames beyond the reach of firefighting apparatus

Photograph by William Simon

A fresh source for Harvard humor, a critique embedded in a memorium, and historic photos of a famous campus fire

September-October 2017

College students collaborate on tech projects at HackHarvard.

Courtesy of Major League Hacking/

On the draws and limitations of college hackathons