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The conservative, legacies, the Electoral College


The author's dog, Yuki, sits on the grass during a walk in the park.

The author's dog, Yuki, out for a walk. 
Photograph courtesy of Matteo Wong

A new College semester begins, at home. 


Graphic with red background that reads: At Home with Harvard: Back to School


Our coverage of the freshman experience at Harvard


Illustration about meritocracy: one mother penguin and chick wear college mortarboards, while another mother penguin and her chick don’t.

Illustration by Barbara Dekeyser

Michael Sandel makes the case against meritocracy.

September-October 2020

Photograph of students in caps and gowns graduating from college

Photograph by Rattankun Thongbun/iStock

Derek Bok on curriculum reform

September-October 2020

Photographs of the new student writing fellows Che Applewhaite and Mean Venkataramanan

Photographs courtesy of Che Applewhaite and Meena Venkataramanan

The 2020-2021 Ledecky Undergraduate Fellows

September-October 2020

Colorful composite drawing of the author, dressed in cap and gown, at home in Cambridge, with scenes of blossoming trees and a yellow moving truck visible through the window.

Illustration by Martin Haake

The Undergraduate reassesses the rhythms of the natural world.

September-October 2020

Time to rethink the campus-development agenda?

September-October 2020

Photograph of Lawrence S. Bacow

Lawrence S. Bacow

President Bacow on Harvard’s challenge to federal efforts banning international students

September-October 2020