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Letters on Justice Holmes, another shoeless feat, athletic admissions, and more


President Bacow on Harvard and excellence

March-April 2019

Letters on care after the ICU, artificial intelligence, belonging, and more

March-April 2019

Wanted: Big ideas from the humanities

March-April 2019

Illustration by Manon de Jong

The Undergraduate considers the Smith Campus Center

March-April 2019

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(1 of 5) State police gather in front of Widener Library near sunrise on April 10.

Photograph courtesy of Harvard University Archives. HUA 969.71 Image 3

Recalling a time of trial, and its continuing resonances

March-April 2019

Letters on admissions, academic presses, the solicitor general, and more

January-February 2019

Affirmative action, donor and staff preferences, and other Harvard College admissions challenges

January-February 2019

Illustration by Michael Parkin/Folio Art

The Undergraduate considers the composition of Harvard College.

January-February 2019