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Photograph of Lawrence S. Bacow

President Lawrence S. Bacow


Larry Bacow puts Harvard in the perspective of the pandemic.


University Hall
Photograph by Harvard Magazine/JC

“We cannot proceed as if nothing has changed,” FAS dean Claudine Gay wrote. “Everything has changed." 


The Office of Admissions and Financial Aid 
Photograph by Lydia Carmichael/Harvard Magazine

And the term bill exceeds $70,000 for the first time. 


Professor and platform: William C. Kirby logs on to Zoom from home for his first remote teaching session.

On taking a Harvard Gen Ed class remotely with William C. Kirby


In a paper aimed at fellow educators, David Malan reports on interventions designed to teach academic honesty in the wildly popular introductory computer science course he teaches at Harvard. 


Photograph of the author's Harvard dorm room with chairs, sofa, posters

Photograph by Drew Pendergrass

“What will it mean to end our time on this campus with no closure, no time to reflect on what it all meant?”


Harvard University shield

Students transition to online learning—perhaps for the rest of the semester—and are asked not to return after spring break.


Elizabeth Banks looks at the camera as she rides in a convertible with two members of the Hasty Pudding Theatricals.

Elizabeth Banks smiled and waved to the crowd along the parade route.
Photograph by Harvard Magazine/KD

Elizabeth Banks and Ben Platt received this year’s honors.


Four young women of different ethnic backgrounds converse in a homey lounge

Illustration by Bodil Jane/Folio Art

The Undergraduate writes about the Harvard Women’s Center.

March-April 2020