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2018 newly elected Harvard Overseers and HAA directors


Photograph by Jim Harrison

The 367th Commencement: the student speakers, the honorary-degree recipients, and the full spectacle of Harvard’s Morning Exercises


William Fitzsimmons and Thomas Dingman outside the Freshman Dean’s Office

Photograph by LC/Harvard Magazine

This summer, Tom Dingman will retire after 13 years as dean of freshmen and a 45-year career at Harvard. 


Detail of the entryway of the A.D. Club, a male final club

Photograph by Daderot/Wikipedia

Other implementation plans are also announced by the College.


Bill Gates

Image courtesy of OnInnovation/Flickr

The Microsoft co-founder talked about his life as a philanthropist—and answered myriad student questions.


Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie 

Photograph by Dawani Olatunde/Wani Olatunde Photography

The decorated author is best known for her novels and feminist writing. 


Photograph by Jim Harrison

Speakers, ceremonies, and celebrations

May-June 2018

Photograph by Lydia Carmichael/HM

First-Gen policies, Smith Center services, and more University news

May-June 2018

Course credit toward fast-tracking the A.B. is eliminated.

May-June 2018