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The HGSU-UAW prepares for fall negotiations.


Martha Minow

Photograph by Ken Richardson

Former Law School dean receives Harvard’s highest academic appointment.


The Office of Admissions and Financial Aid 

Photograph by Lydia Carmichael/Harvard Magazine

Motions for summary judgment outline plaintiff’s allegation of discrimination, and Harvard’s defense of its admissions program. 


Chai confers with a colleague in SPiNE’s Yangon office.

Photograph courtesy of SPiNE

Practicing architecture in Myanmar

July-August 2018

Harvard Athletics overhauls coaches’ compensation. 


Soyoung Lee

Photograph by Audrey Kotkin

Korean art expert Soyoung Lee will join the museums in September.


The urgency of getting Gen Ed right

July-August 2018

The daylily garden

Photograph courtesy of the Heritage Museums and Gardens

Cape Cod’s Heritage Museums & Gardens

July-August 2018