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Native Americans cultivating a field

Written accounts of Native Americans cultivating the land in New England overstate the importance of agriculture in the pre-contact period, according to a new study. Here, an engraving by Theodor De Bry, after a drawing by Jacques Le Moyne, depicts Timucua Indians at Fort Caroline, a French settlement established in what is now Florida, hoeing and sowing seeds, including beans and maize. 

Courtesy of the Lewis Ansbacher Map Collection, permanently housed in the Morris Ansbacher Map Room, Jacksonville (Florida) Public Library.


Before Europeans arrived in New England, local ecology was driven by climate shifts, not by human interventions.


Photograph of Harvard graduate students during their strike

Walking the line: Graduate Student Union picketers in Harvard Yard on December 3, the morning their strike began.
Photograph by Jonathan Shaw/Harvard Magazine

HGSU-UAW members go out on strike two days before reading period. 

January-February 2020

Photograph of major construction projects in Harvard Square

Photograph by Jim Harrison

A familiar place’s new faces

January-February 2020

Photograph of art historian Shawon Kinew

Shawon Kinew
Photograph by Stu Rosner

Connecting European Old Masters with the new landscape of art history 

January-February 2020

A faculty debate, and a challenge slate for the Board of Overseers

January-February 2020

An appreciation for outstanding work

January-February 2020

Harvard’s fiscal year 2019 endowment returns by asset class

An analysis of the annual financial report, and of Harvard Management Company’s transformation

January-February 2020

Photograph of Harvard athletics director Robert L. Scalise

Robert L. Scalise
Photograph by Stephanie Mitchell/Harvard Public Affairs and Communications

Sexual-misconduct survey results, and the athletics director to retire

January-February 2020

Online summer programs get students ready for inclusive M.B.A., J.D., and M.Ed. studies.

January-February 2020