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Illustration by Mark Steele


Headlines from Harvard’s history


Clockwise from top left: George L. Fox, Alexander D. Goode, John P. Washington, and Clark V. Poling

Courtesy of the U.S. Army

A Veterans Day commemoration recalls service and sacrifice.


Some Supremes: Former Justice Souter, and Justices Kagan, Kennedy, Roberts (the chief), Breyer, and Gorsuch, plus HLS dean John F. Manning

Photograph by Martha Stewart/Harvard Law School

The spirit of Harvard Law School, at 200, in a divisive era


Fellow classics concentrators Sam Beck ’16 (left) and E.E. Cummings ’15


What one undergraduate learned


Illustration by Mark Steele

“Vagabonding,” Harvard Student Agencies, and more from the Harvard Alumni Bulletin and Harvard Magazine

November-December 2017

Massachusetts Hall

Photograph by Muns/Wikipedia

Twenty submissions have been selected as semifinalists to replace the final line in Harvard’s alma mater. 


Courtesy of PBS

Harvard experts provide access to Vietnamese sources on the war.


The front of the sleeve from a Dunster Dunces album, which included arrangements of George Gershwin and Irving Berlin, as well as original compositions

Courtesy of Jonathan Aibel

A look (and listen) back at the Dunster Dunces


The artist as master colorist: Henri Matisse, Woman with a Hat (Femme au Chapeau), 1905

Wikimedia Commons

John Kenneth Galbraith’s letters, Linda Greenhouse, color in art, and more

September-October 2017