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Photograph of hen turkey and poults in Harvard Yard

Photograph by Allison Kern/Harvard Magazine


Turkeys, tourists, traditions, tranquility


Stephen Jay Gould

Photograph by Richard Howard/The LIFE Images Collection

Country dance, saving homework from a burning car, and Stephen Jay Gould on 9/11

July-August 2019

Click arrow on right for full image: German President Richard von Weizsäcker, the featured Commencement speaker in 1987—the fortieth anniversary of the historic Marshall Plan address

It helps to be a high official of a powerful European nation—and to have resonant things to say about your American allies.


Click on arrow at right to see full image
Poster courtesy of Dumbarton Oaks Archives Ephemera Collection (AR.EP.PS.0669)

Resesarchers’ lengthy labors, “Diploma Riots,” supporting young scholars

May-June 2019

After graduating from the College in 1861, Holmes obtained a commission as first lieutenant in the Twentieth Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry, known as the “Harvard Regiment.”

Photograph courtesy of the Harvard Law School Library, Historical & Special Collections

A new biography of Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr. illuminates the Supreme Court during the centennial of his most momentous dissent.

May-June 2019

Illustration by Mark Steele

Demonstrating for equality…and other headlines from Harvard’s history

May-June 2019

Will this familiar bust return to its familiar place in a Lowell House courtyard?

Photograph by hantsheroes/Wikicommons

A meaningful change in the images on display in the renewed Lowell House


The Underground 68 film poster features Widener Library and a hard-at-work Ariel Smolik-Valles ’17. (Click the arrow at right to see the full-size version.)

Courtesy of Peter Coonradt

The premiere of an alumnus’s film about a seminal year at Harvard and beyond 


Illustration by Mark Steele

Cooking for the culinarily challenged…and other headlines from Harvard’s history

March-April 2019