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Illustration by Mark Steele


Demonstrating for equality…and other headlines from Harvard’s history


Photograph by Brian Smith

Harvard’s Tiger deans, the prophetic Richard Pipes, and a high-tech egg

March-April 2019

Photograph by Matthew Monteith

A tribute to the art museums’ Calderwood Courtyard

March-April 2019

Photograph by Harvard Magazine/JC

Re-landscaping Massachusetts Hall, making the entrance to Harvard Yard more welcoming

January-February 2019

Illustration by Mark Steele

When the Law School made thin ice…and other headlines from Harvard’s history

January-February 2019

Quarterback Frank Champi ’70 is carried off the field as the Yale game ends.

Photograph by Gary Mottola

The immediate post-Game coverage, and an update on that famous headline


A well-used hod

Photograph by Lydia S. C. Rosenberg

Messenger from the past

November-December 2018

Philip Johnson at his iconic modernist Glass House in New Canaan, Connecticut, 1949

Photograph by Arnold Newman/Liaison Agency/Getty Images

A “star-chitect” as P.T. Barnum

November-December 2018

Two Harvard doctors on William Carlos Williams

November-December 2018