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Illustration by Gaby D’Alessandro


The continuing appeal of novelist Rachel Ingalls


Diana Sorensen, dean of arts and humanities

How to reinvigorate the humanities at Harvard is the subject of new faculty reports


<i>All Things Considered</i> host Melissa Block

Melissa Block '83, host of the NPR show <i>All Things Considered,</i> spoke about it at the Radcliffe Institute.


Child in her postwar Paris kitchen

Julia is feted in her centenary year.

January-February 2013

A professional Phillips in 1940

Brief life of soap opera’s single mother: 1901-1973

January-February 2013

Andy Samberg and Barney Frank

Seniors will hear the congressman and the comedic actor on May 23.


The junior senator from Minnesota, in his Capitol Hill office

The satirist and comedian Al Franken has a new role: statesman.

March-April 2012

Actress Claire Danes waves to an animated crowd before entering Farkas Hall.

The <em>Homeland</em> actress was at the center of the annual Hasty Pudding parade.


Writer Megan Amram '10 builds her fan base on Twitter.