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Liz Glynn

Photograph by Evelena Ruether/Liz Glynn Studio


In Liz Glynn’s massive installations, big questions about the meaning of value


Amy Poehler with members of the Hasty Pudding Theatricals during a parade through Harvard Square

Harvard’s Hasty Pudding Theatricals celebrate the actress and writer.


Susanne Daniels and Amy Lippman discuss their careers in television.

MTV's president of programming and the executive producer of <i>Masters of Sex</i> on their craft


Oprah Winfrey accepts the W.E.B Du Bois Medal for the late writer and activist Maya Angelou.

The medal is the University's highest honor in the field of African and African American studies.


FDR (first row, second from left) and his roommate Lathrop Brown (first row, far right) pose with fellow Glee Club members in the fall of their freshman year.

Historian Geoffrey Ward provides a Crimson backdrop for the new Ken Burns miniseries.


<i>Breaking Bad</i> creator Vince Gilligan discusses various themes and character motivations with President Faust in Farkas Hall this week.

The hit show's creator, Vince Gilligan, converses with President Faust.


A 1981 photograph taken in the Lampoon Castle shows <i>Simpsons</i> stalwarts Mike Reiss ’81 (seated left) and Al Jean ’81 (holding an iron). Patric Verrone ’81, who juggles pool balls behind them, is also a successful TV comedy writer with <i>Simpsons</i> credits. Holding the axe is the late Ted Phillips ’81, who became a lawyer in South Carolina and passed away in 2005. He has a character (Duke Phillips) named after him in <i>The Critic,</i> an animated series created by Jean and Reiss.

Simon Singh’s new book reveals multiple math references in the show and reveals their Harvard sources.


Charlie Albright

Alumni artists Charlie Albright and Courtney B. Vance at the campaign festivities


Diana Sorensen, dean of arts and humanities

How to reinvigorate the humanities at Harvard is the subject of new faculty reports