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A portrait of Benjamin Franklin painted by Robert Feke

Robert Feke’s rendering of Benjamin Franklin

Courtesy of the Harvard University Portrait Collection, Bequest of Dr. John Collins Warren, 1856


Two hundred and seventy years ago, Benjamin Franklin did something highly unusual. He retired.


Megan Sniffin-Marinoff

Photograph by Stu Rosner

The University archivist on what it means to “document Harvard

January-February 2018

An osteoarthritic knee, the polished femur clearly visible, from a 600-year-old skeleton housed in the Peabody Museum.

Photograph by Jim Harrison/©2018 President and Fellows of Harvard College, Peabody Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology, PM# 968-10-40/N9174.0


Neither increased obesity nor longevity explains the doubling of knee osteoarthritis since World War II.


January-February 2018

Adam Aja, assistant curator at the Harvard Semitic Museum, works with three volunteers to make the resin cast of the Dream Stele of King Thutmose IV.

Click the arrow on the right for images of the replica and original Stele.

Courtesy of the Harvard Semitic Museum

A replica of the Dream Stele, part of Egyptologist Peter Der Manuelian’s efforts to revitalize the museum


Four Tulips, a nature study by Jacob Marrel

Courtesy of the Harvard Art Museums

George Abrams ’54, J.D. ’57, donates his collection to the Harvard Art Museums. 


Image courtesy of the Houghton Library

Harvard’s Houghton Library explores “Altered States: Sex, Drugs, and Transcendence.”

November-December 2017

Celebrating Thanksgiving at Old Sturbridge Village

Photograph courtesy of Old Sturbridge Village

Celebrating Thanksgiving and Christmas at Old Sturbridge Village  

November-December 2017

The lenses of the Bruce telescope mounted for display

The lenses of the Bruce telescope, mounted for display

Photograph by Jim Harrison

The telescope that helped define Earth’s place in the universe

November-December 2017

Photograph by Harvard Magazine/JC

Boosting museums, and novel architecture

November-December 2017