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Dancers on stage

The Kupermans choreographed the 2019 musical Alice By Heart, a retelling of Alice in Wonderland set during the London Blitz
Photograph by Deen Van Meer


The brothers Kuperman—choreographers, directors, and storytellers


Memorial Church exterior

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Memorial Church

Photograph by William Rittase/Courtesy of the Harvard University Archives

What William Rittase found when he came to Harvard in 1932


Cozy Map Room Tea Lounge with books, bar, and vaulted ceiling

The casual Map Room Tea Lounge offers “bar bites,” like the charcuterie board and tartines
Photograph by Binita Patel


The Boston Public Library’s cozy winter hideout

January-February 2020

Provincetown harbor in the winter

Provincetown’s winter harbor
Photograph by Age Fotostock/Alamy Stock Photo

Just enough art, culture, terrific food, and lively conversation....

January-February 2020

Clay head over wooden pill bottles with wires representing the impact of opioids on human beings

John Christian Anderson’s Sacrificial Lamb

Photograph by Will Howcroft

Revealing sculptures at the Fuller Craft Museum, in Brockton

January-February 2020

Photograph of artist Romare Bearden standing by an easel c. 1940

Bearden’s stance in this ca. 1940 photograph prefigures his self-portrait in his collage Artist With Model in Studio (shown below), painted three decades later.
Photograph by Sam Shaw, ca. 1940s / Courtesy of the Romare Bearden Foundation

Brief life of a textured artist: 1911-1988

January-February 2020

A grinning woman in traditional Nigerian dress sits cross-legged on the floor surrounded by modern devices, including a power strip, a land-line telephone, and a desktop computer displaying on its screen a duplicate image of the entire montage.

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(1 of 3 ) Working Woman

Photograph by Fatimah Tuggar and BintaZarah Studios/Courtesy of the Davis Museum

Fatimah Tuggar explores artisanship and technology, at the Davis Museum

November-December 2019

A street crowd of black men and women, all dressed in white, either playing or responding to the playing of dozens of trombones

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(1 of 3) “God’s Trombones, Harlem,” 2009

Photograph by Frank Stewart/Courtesy of the Cooper Gallery of African and African American Art

“The Sound of My Soul: Frank Stewart’s Life in Jazz,” at Harvard

November-December 2019

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Russian ballerina Lubov Tchernicheva, 1920 production of Cleopatra 
Russian ballerina Lubov Tchernicheva in Cleopatra, 1920. © E.O. Hoppé Estate Collection/Curatorial Assistance Inc.

Elegant photographs of dancing’s stars

November-December 2019