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Bob Dylan in 1965. Already, the classical world was starting to influence his writing.

Photograph from Granger


In a new book, classicist Richard Thomas explores Bob Dylan’s literary ties to ancient Greece and Rome.


A scene from Newport’s dramatic Cliff Walk

Photograph courtesy of Discover Newport

Visiting Newport, Rhode Island, during the winter


January-February 2018

Michael Frank and Louise Sacco with the stylish doggie stars of Blue Tango (acquired from an Indiana thrift shop) at the Somerville museum.

Photograph by Jim Harrison

A Somerville museum highlights art “so bad, it’s good.”

January-February 2018

Photograph by Harvard Library Imaging Services

Amusements to dispel the winter blues


January-February 2018

Father Columba Stewart

Photograph by Guytano Magno/Hill Museum & Manuscript Library/Saint John’s University

A globe-trotting monk with the Benedictine “survival gene” seeks out treasured manuscripts.


January-February 2018

Mercer and his beloved dog, Rollo
Courtesy of the Mercer Museum & Library

Brief life of an innovative ceramicist: 1856-1930


January-February 2018

Cones of the Chinese hemlock, Tsuga chinensis
Photograph by Wang Kang


The Chinese variety resists a pest devastating North American trees.

January-February 2018

The Arnold Arboretum’s Michael Dosmann with a Rodgersia leaf and plumes of Astilbe grandis
Photograph by Jonathan Shaw



The hunt for rare plants in China


January-February 2018

Megan Sniffin-Marinoff

Photograph by Stu Rosner

The University archivist on what it means to “document Harvard

January-February 2018