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Our editors curate their favorite stories about Harvardians on screen. 


Photograph of Emily Dickinson’s family home, The Homestead, an elegant wooden building

At The Homestead

Photograph by Norman Eggert/Alamy Stock Photo

Delving into the world of Emily Dickinson

March-April 2020

Painting of a young woman standing at a French window, looking at a verdant garden

At the French Windows. The Artist’s Wife, (1897), by Laurits Andersen Ring

Courtesy of the Bruce Museum

Images that help unveil the truth of what we can see

March-April 2020

A bright and colorful historical map of Boston with details of streets, buildings, and green spaces

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(1 of 5) Edwin Olsen and Blake Clark, The Colour of an Old City: A Map of Boston, Decorative and Historical, 1926
Map courtesy of the Harvard Map Collection

An exhibition maps the making of a metropolis.


Detail of a painting showing long grasses and the moon

Tani Bunchō, Grasses and Moon (detail), Japanese, Edo period, 1817.

Image: John Tsantes and Neil Greentree; © Robert Feinberg.

Paintings from the Edo period convey “a powerful sense of there-ness.” 


Illuminated manuscript page

Manuscript courtesy of Houghton Library/Photograph by Harvard Library Imaging Services

Consequences of book-breaking

March-April 2020

Memorial Church exterior

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Memorial Church

Photograph by William Rittase/Courtesy of the Harvard University Archives

What William Rittase found when he came to Harvard in 1932


Cozy Map Room Tea Lounge with books, bar, and vaulted ceiling

The casual Map Room Tea Lounge offers “bar bites,” like the charcuterie board and tartines
Photograph by Binita Patel


The Boston Public Library’s cozy winter hideout

January-February 2020

Provincetown harbor in the winter

Provincetown’s winter harbor
Photograph by Age Fotostock/Alamy Stock Photo

Just enough art, culture, terrific food, and lively conversation....

January-February 2020