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Dancers on stage

The Kupermans choreographed the 2019 musical Alice By Heart, a retelling of Alice in Wonderland set during the London Blitz
Photograph by Deen Van Meer


The brothers Kuperman—choreographers, directors, and storytellers


Cozy Map Room Tea Lounge with books, bar, and vaulted ceiling

The casual Map Room Tea Lounge offers “bar bites,” like the charcuterie board and tartines
Photograph by Binita Patel


The Boston Public Library’s cozy winter hideout

January-February 2020

Portrait photograph of mathematician and author Francis Su

Francis Su
Photograph by Mark Skovorodko for Quanta Magazine

Teaching and learning math as a human endeavor

January-February 2020

Photograph of American urban life, Mulberry Street, New York, c. 1900

From early on, Americans held urban ideals: Mulberry Street, New York City, c. 1900.
Photograph courtesy of the Library of Congress

Recent books with Harvard connections

January-February 2020

Historic photograph of President Lyndon Johnson meeting with impoverished Fletcher family in Kentucky in 1964

When the president cared about poverty: LBJ visits Tom Fletcher in Inez, Kentucky, April 24, 1964—an iconic image from the Great Society era
Photograph by Bettmann/Getty Images

The world’s richest nation tolerates “basically the highest child poverty rates in the developed world.”

January-February 2020

Illustration showing innovators going underground rather than assaulting an established fortress

Illustration by Stephen Collins

In her new book, Rosabeth Moss Kanter thinks “outside the building.”

January-February 2020

Book cover for "The Don't Represent Us"


How to reform voting and elections in the United States to create a representative democracy


Photograph of President Donald Trump and Arizona sheriff Joe Arpaio

President and supporter: Maricopa County sheriff Joe Arpaio, pardoned by President Trump

Photograph by Scott Olson/Getty Images

…and don’t always forgive

November-December 2019

An image of branching red seaweed against a dark-blue background

Sublime seaweed: nature photographer Josie Iselin’s cyanotype of Pikea californica

Photograph by Cyanotype by Josie Iselin

Recent books with Harvard connections

November-December 2019