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Jocelyn and Chris Arndt, siblings from Fort Plain, New York, balanced a full-time tour schedule and undergraduate life.

Photograph courtesy of Shore Fire Media


For two Harvard siblings, studying and songwriting went hand in hand.


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Her book Amity and Prosperity: One Family and the Fracturing of America is the choice in general nonfiction.



Moffett—who has trekked across the globe in search of unusual creatures—with an ants’ nest in Australia

Photograph courtesy of Mark W. Moffett

Naturalist Mark W. Moffett investigates insects—and now, evolving human societies.

May-June 2019

Modern psychiatrists revived the effort to link mental illness to biology, begun in the 1840s by scientists like Emil Kraepelin.

Photograph Wikipedia/Public Domain

A history of psychiatry’s troubled search for the biology of mental illness

May-June 2019

National Women’s Party members picket the White House, 1917. In the years leading up to the Nineteenth Amendment’s passage, the protesters were a regular presence in Lafayette Square.

Photograph courtesy of the Library of Congress

Fresh portraits of U.S. foot soldiers for women’s right to vote

May-June 2019

An untitled 1900 ink and color work by an unidentified artist, exhibiting the strikingly modern “eight-brokens” style

Photograph © Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

Recent books with Harvard connections

May-June 2019

Accidental comics writer Amy Chu
Image courtesy of Amy Chu

Graphic novelist Amy Chu

May-June 2019

Harper Lee

Photograph by Donald Uhrbrock/The LIFE Images Collection/Getty Images

Casey Cep’s debut book, on a murder trial and Harper Lee

May-June 2019

After graduating from the College in 1861, Holmes obtained a commission as first lieutenant in the Twentieth Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry, known as the “Harvard Regiment.”

Photograph courtesy of the Harvard Law School Library, Historical & Special Collections

A new biography of Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr. illuminates the Supreme Court during the centennial of his most momentous dissent.

May-June 2019