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Soyoung Lee

Photograph by Audrey Kotkin


Korean art expert Soyoung Lee will join the museums in September.


Illustration by Sonia Pulido

Keith Gessen’s second novel deftly interweaves politics and personal history.

July-August 2018

When sail was swift. Pallada in Nagasaki (1854; no artist given), from A World of Empires.

Photograph by Paul Fearn/Alamy Stock Photo

Recent books with Harvard connections

July-August 2018

W.H. Auden

Photograph from the Library of Congress

A sweeping history of the idea of privacy in America

July-August 2018

Hanna Holborn Gray

Photograph courtesy of the Special Collections Research Center, University of Chicago Library

The former University of Chicago president and Harvard Corporation fellow crafts a timely memoir.

May-June 2018

Battle hymn: surmounting the Berlin Wall, November 10, 1989, to the tune of “Ode to Joy,” a setting Beethoven scarcely imagined

Photograph by Peter Kneffel/AP IMages

Recent books with Harvard connections

May-June 2018

Richard III

Photograph by Bridgeman Art Library

Stephen Greenblatt mines Shakespeare to interpret modern times.

May-June 2018

Jim and Deb Fallows in his hometown, Redlands, California

Photograph by Coco McKown

James ’70 and Deborah Fallows ’71 explore “what the hell is happening in America.”

May-June 2018

Nell Scovell

Photograph by Robert Trachtenberg

TV writer Nell Scovell looks back on Just the Funny Parts.

March-April 2018