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Jim and Deb Fallows in his hometown, Redlands, California

Photograph by Coco McKown


James ’70 and Deborah Fallows ’71 explore “what the hell is happening in America.”


Eunice Kennedy Shriver races her brother Ted and others in Washington, D.C., to kick off a 1975 Special Olympics fundraising coast-to-coast marathon.

Photograph by Bettmann/Getty Images

Brief life of a world-changer: 1921-2009

May-June 2018

Linnea Olson, shown with her dog, Kumo, has survived 13 years with lung cancer.

Photograph by Jim Harrison

Using precision medicine, Harvard researchers target cancer.

May-June 2018

Illustration by Jason Ford

Interventions that mobilize family support networks have powerful effects.

May-June 2018

John Lewis

Photograph courtesy of Congressman John Lewis

A civil-rights leader returns to campus.



Nell Scovell

Photograph by Robert Trachtenberg

TV writer Nell Scovell looks back on Just the Funny Parts.

March-April 2018

The nine-foot-high depiction of Richard T. Greener, A.B. 1870, by sculptor Jon Hair, is the first statue of an individual on the University of South Carolina’s central campus. Its unveiling on February 21 coincided with the inauguration of a symposium in Greener’s honor.

Photograph courtesy of the Office of Communications & Public Affairs, University of South Carolina

The University of South Carolina recognizes its first African-American professor—Richard T. Greener, A.B. 1870.


Rapp focused on war crimes and criminals as U.S. ambassador-at-large.

Courtesy of United States Mission Geneva/Wikimedia/Creative Commons

Stephen J. Rapp seeks justice for Syrian victims of war crimes.

March-April 2018

At Jefferson Laboratory, Nobel Prize winners gather to remember one of their own.