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Hiram S. Hunn Awards

November-December 2016

On September 16, seven alumni received this year’s Hiram S. Hunn Memorial Schools and Scholarships Awards from the College’s Office of Admissions and Financial Aid for their volunteer work: recruiting and interviewing prospective undergraduates.

John G.D. Carden ’57, M.B.A. ’59, of Point Clear, Alabama, has interviewed more than 300 candidates from Florida, Alabama, and Mississippi since 1996.

Dean W. Chandler ’65 of Temple, Texas, who has chaired the Harvard Club of Austin’s schools and scholarships committee for a decade, counts among his interviewers alumni who were themselves interviewed for admission during his tenure.

Rebecca L. High ’75, of Chapel Hill, North Carolina, began interviewing applicants in 2001, and is a former chair of the schools and scholarships committee of the Harvard Club of the Research Triangle.

S. Martin Lieberman ’57, M.B.A. ’62, of Hillsdale, New Jersey, has worked with the Harvard Club of New Jersey’s schools and scholarships committee for more than 40 years, and is a former club president.

Stacey Mandelbaum ’82, of Queensbury, New York, has been interviewing candidates since 1988, and has served as chair of the Harvard Club of Eastern New York’s schools and scholarships committee since 2003.

Linda Shirer Rae ’63, of Cross River, New York, has interviewed prospective students for 37 years, and is a longtime member of the Harvard-Radcliffe Club of Westchester: she twice served as its president.

Frederic N. Ris ’68, of Denver, is past president of the Rocky Mountain Harvard University Club. Since he began interviewing students in 1988, he has traveled to many corners of Colorado where interviewers are scarce to meet with candidates—one of whom is now a co-chair of the club’s schools and scholarships committee.

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