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[ See the solution from our
January-February 1999 issue ]

1 Figure out only around five
2 Be on the lookout for odd rot in friend
3 Chick in drag?
4 Degree application; corrupt practice
5 Put off about that other school down the street
6 Sticky about face, doc
7 Wiser umpire keeps back
8 Observe the sibilant boils
9 Arrangement upset, altered
10 Rugby formation right in the mud
11 Wings in the fashion of the east
12 Sound, correct practice
13 Ale might turn to stone
14 Novel kind of language
15 Hearing next made of dirt
16 Assembled, stated (in which Harvard is)
17 Ye Gods! Architectural curves!
18 Lightheaded in drinking spree mixer
19 Harvard less a ruffled badger
20 Square measure section
21 Wrong road, right passion
22 Cute craftiness
23 Set askew in back door, came to rest

1 Bone broken, run in check
2 What's funny is keeping part of psyche in cigar box
3 Moderate mood
4 Buchanan-Fitzgerald joint
5 Meal hall muddle
6 Turning skins for 40 winks
7 Born the 13th, waits
8 Writer pens beginning of Plague on college grounds
9 Out on a limb? Time for grass
10 Maybe another storm feast
11 Throaty sounds--like from the lowest ranks of society
12 Sounds--like burning a supply of guns
13 Apply oil to ailing nation
14 Mailer has Passover feast around first of November
15 Counts mountain passes
16 Regular army serving of edible root
17 Property conveyance act
18 Noble cut of beef
19 Lot more quaver
20 Say! Swell cloth for a suit
21 Homo sapiens period run
22 Holy bag color

Illustrations by Lynne Foy

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