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Trains to The Game, 1914.

Early corporate advertising: the Nitroglycerin Wheeler advises, "Wherever you may be you will find, if you trace it back, that dynamite made possible most of the necessities and conveniences on which your eye will fall," 1948.

A Harvard plastic bottle stopper, predating the influence of the University's trademark and licensing department, 1920.

An earnest--borderline desperate--call for community spirit from the Alumni Placement Service, 1930.

Will Harvardians lap up this mutt's ale? 1943.

War appeals with propagandistic artwork, 1942.

"Leisurely living" and job opportunities at Los Alamos, 1956.

The "Ivy League tradition" at the Biltmore, with typical 1950s advertising art, 1956.

American Airlines makes its case for the American Way, 1968.

Harvard University Press advertises Marihuana Reconsidered, 1971. (Author Grinspoon's work continues to this day, as evidenced by his recent classified ad, at right under "Appeals to Alumni".)


Martha's Vineyard. Modern house, 3 bedrooms, all conveniences. Lagoon Pond overlooking Vineyard Haven harbor. $250 per week July, August; less off-season.

June 1972

New York City. Beautifully furnished upper duplex apartment in architect's Manhattan brownstone on choice tree-lined street in East 80's, near fine schools. 3 bedrooms, 3 baths, separate dining room; wood-burning fireplaces; air-conditioned. $950/month.

May 1976

Provence: Spectacular 3,500 square foot 100 percent renovated home --with four bedrooms, two living rooms, pool. Architectural Digest quality among the vines. $4,000-$5,000 weekly, including maid service.

January-February 1996

Nantucket, 'Sconset: Attractive cottage near ocean. 3 bedrooms, 3 full baths, winterized. Recently completely renovated. See "http://www.Softnet-media.com/html/nantucket.html" or call, in California, (800) 507-3322 .

November-December 1997

Berlin. Cozy apartment in an historic Altbau, seconds from the Kurfurstendamm. $350/week, $1,300/ month. (615) 662-0412.

January-February 1998

Martha's Vineyard, West Tisbury. Lovely, secluded 4-bedroom home. Heated swimming pool, organic gardens, gourmet kitchen, fireplace, Jacuzzi, beach access. Small horse barn with resident Haflingers. Children welcome. June 14 through September 20. Video available. $2,250-$3,000 per week.

March-April 1998

See 2,450+ vacation rentals on the WWW. Internet's largest site. Color photos with rates: "http://cyberrentals.com." Also, free written guides for VT or MA; call (800) 628-0558.

May-June 1998


Spacious Federal house, with historical associations, in Peterborough, N.H. Living room, library, dining room, office or study. Five bedrooms, two baths, plus kitchen and utility rooms. Large attic. Six fireplaces (three open). Original mantels and trim. Attached mansard roof barn suitable for studio, etc. Terraced garden, stone walls, large shade trees, about 1 1/2 acres. Location near main road gives income potential for antiques, crafts, etc. $49,500.

June 1972

Nantucket & Vineyard land: Chilmark, 10 acres, deeded rights to 4,200´ private shorefront, protected environment. $40,000. Financing. Nantucket: 4 acres with 290´ beach frtg. on harbor. Magnificent homesite, $69,500.

September 1975

Frank Lloyd Wright 1906 Prairie home, 40 miles west of Chicago in Fox River Valley. 4,000 sq. ft. with living, dining, den, roofed porch, 5 bedrooms, 3 fireplaces, maid's quarters. On 3 1/2 acres of lawn, trees, and pond. Home preserved in original state as a work of art by one-owner family. Brochure upon request.

May-June 1980


Nixon Resigns!!
Remember the '70s! Beautiful framable parchtone placard recounts world events--and much more --of the decade. 23x 17. A true collector's item! Specify gold or gray. $3.95 ($5.95 for two).

November-December 1979

Grandparents, Parents, Uncles, Aunts: Simplify giving holiday and birthday presents to children and gifts to the newly born and their parents. Tested selections are delivered on time in your name. Endorsed nationwide by delighted booklovers. Write for brochure.

September-October 1991


Wanted: For childless physician and wife. Sperm donor for artificial insemination. Caucasian, light complexion, brown hair, brown eyes, medium build, 5´10 to 6´2, with at least one normal offspring. Compensation available.

March 1975

Wanted: Ear hearing trumpet.

January-February 1994


Necktie Narrowing. Wide ties recut & reshaped to new narrower look. $5.25 per tie, 4-tie minimum. Send for free tie-mailer or mail direct. Satisfaction guaranteed.

November-December 1981

...when Atlas shrugs! Reasonable, Cambridge-based (and educated) museum-quality MOVER privately serves alumni and student families and businesses throughout nation. Personable.

May-June 1990

Deferred or waitlisted before coming to Harvard? Get confidential Harvard documents about you that show why. It's your right.

March-April 1992


Risky, responsible investment: prize-winning poet, also novelist, essayist, children's writer, 34, Harvard magna, trapped by health problems and draining, poorly paid job, desperately needs patron, preferably loan basis repaid by future earnings, manuscripts, etc. Meet, discuss first.

January-February 1988

Retired graduate has written a short, three-act old-fashioned medieval tragedy with three characters and two set changes. The play is ingenious in arrangement with much foreshadowing and a gush of inventive dialogue. It is devoid of obscenities. Might there be an alumnus/a interested in publishing or producing?

March-April 1998

The Uses of Marijuana. For a book on the many ways people find marijuana helpful (enhancement, therapeutic, recreational, etc.), coauthor William Novak and I would like to hear from potential contributors. For details, please contact Dr. Lester Grinspoon, Harvard Medical School, 74 Fenwood Road, Boston, Mass. 02115 or "GrinspL@warren.med.harvard.edu".

September-October 1998


Reprint of "An Oxfordian Reply to Two Harvard Professors" (rebuttal to "Shakespeare as Shakespeare," Harvard Magazine, February 1975) now available free. Shakespeare Oxford Society, 110 Glen Argyle Rd., Baltimore, Md. 21212.

May 1976


Monostigmatous culturoarchitectonic psychologist requires incorruptible distavial intelligentiary. Reference mandatory.

March 1976

Scheherazade bargained mortal tales. Enticingly cloaked in eastern veils. And you can play with a modern wench. If proven to be an imaginative mensch. Big Apple bazaars conducive.

September-October 1977

Grouchy bureaucrat, unreliable, seeks understanding female, 30-50.

March-April 1982

Successful Back Bay writer-artist wants to hold your hand, share, parent; early 40s but Saturday Night Live. You've great sense of humor, wanna make this work.

March-April 1989

Boston Woman, intelligent, sometimes beautiful, late forties, tall, reluctantly independent, whose affinity for times past, things English, making music, and gardens is balanced by midwestern common sense and interest in current affairs, human nature, cooking, and talk, seeks kind, gentlemanly, moral, unattached companion for Forster's elusive "connection," (Dr. Johnson's "the triumph of hope over experience"). Letter please.

January-February 1990

Palm Beach Family Therapist, Addictionologist, Episcopal Priest, CEO, Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Bryn Mawr, Mensan, Romantic, 55, widower. Likes: Baroque music, McPhee, Updike, arts, sciences, aikido. Seeks therapized, sexy, intellectual, achieving soul mate, peaceable warrior.

January-February 1990

New Age intellectual seeks female counterpart 30-40 for lasting relationship or torrid affair.

January-February 1990

Tall, blonde artist, mid-30s female, literally hit by lightning, now truly philosophical, seeks compatible male friend.

May-June 1990

Stunning, leggy, PBK Ph.D, 5'7", classical music lover/player, Jewish Prom Queen seeks super bright, emotionally secure man, 40-52 for serious relationship.

July-August 1990

Two handsome, Chinese (English-speaking) Ph.D. candidates, Beijing University, China, ages 24 and 26, want to marry college-educated American women, ages 20-30.

November-December 1990

Gay Harvard student, 21, male, disgusted by the effeminacy and vulgarity predominant among gays, is looking for someone in similar situation.

July-August 1991

Follow me through arbors that might lead to ardors. Outdoors and opera, Nabokov and Ngaio are but some of the interests of this attractive woman physician. Consider my preference for a man of 38-48 in NY-Philadelphia corridor to be encompassing rather than exclusive. Who knows which chance encounter will reveal that recondita armonia?

July-August 1992

Happily childless woman, 41 (looks 34), leucomelanous, gamine, seeks to have friendship combust with monogamous single male, 40-55, living in Boston. I don't do TV, camping, or suburbs; do Flaubert, Maugham, Fairport/Tull, old houses, Olde Reekie.

November-December 1994

Boston Area, Divorced Jewish Male. Grotesque, ugly, dull, a philanderer--and those are my good points. If you don't believe the above, write me. I'm 63, truly lovable, creative, and fun. Harvard alum.

September-October 1996

Newly adorable, smart, independent, witty, left of central, dog-loving female seeks male nonsmoker, 45-60, counterpart with pirate's heart, swan's loyalty, and clearly, Job's patience, who doesn't run with scissors. Photo of pet OK.

September-October 1997

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