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November-December 1997

On the cover: Jane Cohen, age 52, and Larry Sager, age 56, were able to start a new family together with technological help. Photograph by David Zadig

Right Now
  Avid readers, water worries, 168 empty chairs in Oklahoma, not-so-mean streets, and mysterious last clues

  Cambridge 02138
Communications from our readers - with links to the original articles (a great introduction to recent pieces)

Harvard Health
Women and biomedical research

The Browser
The challenge of caring in modern medicine, homicide at Harvard, and an exciting pianist's debut recording

New England Regional Edition
Exercise, diet, and wellness, plus a vegetarian-friendly Afghan restaurant

The Alumni
An AIDS activist; fresh off the farm and hungry in Cambridge; members of '67 hang around; encomia

The College Pump
Professor Osseforp's Eli bile

Capital crimes, c. 1642



New technology brings hope to childless couples. But medical questions remain, and troubling ethical, political, and social issues arise as the uses of "assisted reproduction" spread
by Harbour Fraser Hodder

The greenhouse effect is real. The United States and China have a particular responsibility to respond
by Michael B. McElroy

Editor extraordinaire Jonathan Galassi '71 and the risky art of publishing books
by Craig Lambert

Brief life of a pathbreaking jurist: 1897-1966
by Daphne Abeel

Harvard buildings have stories to tell. A geological tour
by David B. Williams

The $11-billion endowment, selling the power plant, the greening of Harvard Square, Harvard's new front door, Internet education, public-service programs stay put, the law library's overhaul, the state of the humanities, Andean scientific adventures, undergraduates on stage, football and other fall sports

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