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Current Issue (September-October, 1996) Cover
Volume 99, Number 1
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Cover Story
Neighboring Faiths
Almost unnoticed, the United States has become the most religiously diverse place on the planet. How will Americans react?
by Diana L. Eck

The Deaf Musician
What Schopenhauer really thought of Wagner
by Karl S. Guthke
The Millennial Class
The voices of '00: a selection of Harvard and Radcliffe admissions essays
Vita: Shao Yung
Brief life of a neo-Confucian sage: 1011-1077
by Don J. Wyatt
Toward a Natural History of Aging
Scientists reinvent our understanding of the outer limits of human life
by John Lauerman
John Harvard's Journal
A conversation with the president, Harvard arms reinterpreted, students and drugs, public-service solutions, an extraordinary money manager, undergraduate marriage, famous friends, and the 1996 Olympians

Editor's Letter
When research changes the world
Cambridge 02138
Letters from our readers
Right Now
Dangerous illusions, men in makeup, cult hormone, ancient scalpels, Moscow mortality, and erotic horseplay
Harvard Health
Warning signs from the heart
New England Regional Edition
Fall fashions, plus the restaurant guide and calendar of Harvard events
The Browser
Why college costs so much, plus new classical recordings and a PBS documentary on the American West
Two Cambridge poems by David Ferry
The College Pump
This magazine's nicotine-stained fingers
The Alumni
A new president and high achievers
Behold the postcard

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