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Orchid Bees In Flight

Video clips reveal the strategy orchid bees use to maintain stability when flying in turbulent conditions.

From AIDS to Art

View video from an exhibition at the Harvard Art Museum that explores the visual legacy of ACT UP’s campaign to galvanize action against a new epidemic.

Teaching with Video

Faculty members are adapting the traditional lecture format with visual and multimedia elements—a new form of teaching. View examples of twenty-first-century pedagogy now in use in Harvard classrooms.

New Vistas in 3-D

Play with a 3-D PDF of the Perseus molecular cloud and take a guided tour with Alyssa Goodman.

Linking Brain to Behavior

To better understand the human brain, Aravinthan Samuel studies the movements of worms and larvae. View them in motion here.

Video: Sanatorium Scenes

A new documentary combines archival photographs and footage, interviews with former patients, and expert commentary to remember the tuberculosis epidemic in the United States.

Video: Cooking and Creativity

In a public lecture at Harvard in December, Ferran Adrià described the development of techniques in use at his restaurant, elBulli—and how he became a chef who takes chances.

Bioengineering in Motion

See videos of bioengineered systems in action in this online extra that accompanies the feature article, “Life Sciences, Applied.”

Lights! Microscopes! Action!

View clips from the laboratories of several Harvard researchers that demonstrate advances in optical microscopy from “Shedding Light on Life” in the May-June 2008 issue…

Outside-In Ur-banism

Evidence of ancient urbanism at the Mesopotamian settlement of Tell Brak….