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Skull Session

Take a tour of the human skull, and learn how shoes affect a runner’s gait, with Daniel Lieberman.

Studying Suicide

Learn about computerized tests that evaluate whether someone is at risk of attempting suicide. Plus, related links and an article from the magazine archives.

Music and Lyrics

Clips from the career of librettist John Weidman ’68, including a Sesame Street sketch, excerpts from Assassins, and Weidman’s reflections on works staged at Lincoln Center

Journey to the Amazon

In this video, travel to Brazil with Harvard climatologists to see their work and the plants and critters they encountered.

Anger Management

Researchers at Children’s Hospital Boston develop a video game to help children with anger problems handle their emotions. See how it works.

“Surprise Yourself”

View a clip from Black Swan, starring Natalie Portman ’03 and directed by Darren Aronofsky ’91.

Video: Modern-Day Romanticism

In her latest book of poems, April Bernard aims to capture the intensity of the Romantic Era. Watch as she discusses, and reads from, her work.

Soulfège Video: Sweet Mother

Shot in Ghana, a reinterpretation of the West African classic by a band including Derrick Ashong ’97 and Jonathan Gramling ’98

Painting with Gravity

This video, shot in the studio of painter George Oommen, explores Oommen’s distinctive dripping technique.

Video: The "High Set" in Tennis

See the “high set” concept in action, with the Harvard men’s tennis team and explanations from the coaches.

"Networked" Web Extra: Sidebars and Video

Slime mold demonstrates the power of networks, fanning out to solve a maze and construct a railway map. Video and Web-exclusive sidebars to accompany the feature article “Networked.”

Video Clips: Children of Invention

Despite winning multiple prizes, the film—produced by Mynette Louie ’97—has struggled to find an audience or turn a profit in an uncertain time for indie film.